Observador Newsletter: Are debates that decisive for the elections?

Nixon, Kennedy, Ford or Dukakis. Many candidates made themselves (or break) in presidential debates. Do debates remain that significant today?

First debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden

Donald Trump and Joe Biden faced each other for the first time in a debate, which was full of interruptions and attacks from each part.

Pedro Magalhães at the Atlantic Talks

With the US elections approaching, Pedro Magalhães in an essential conversation about the electoral system, polls, and polarization.

‘America Vinte Vinte’: the American electoral system and the States that will decide the election

This week, an interview with the president of the American Club: "The election will be decided by a small number of voters, in a small number of States"

Interview António Pinto Ribeiro and Sandra Vieira Jürgens – ARTECAPITAL

In an interview with the curators, we understand the origin of the “three words that cover the exhibition” and many other details of the FFF.

Observador Newsletter: Which demographic groups can decide an election?

Barack Obama became famous in 2004 with a speech of unity in which he said that there was only one United States of America. But when we get to election day, is that really true?

“Feast. Fury. Femina” opens today to the public at MAAT

The MAAT in Lisbon, will make known more than two hundred contemporary works. All works belonging to the collection of the Luso-American Development Foundation. Until January 25th.

FLAD buys art and shows the biggest exhibition ever of its collection at MAAT

Celebrating 35 years, FLAD shows its art collection at MAAT in the exhibition "Feast. Fury. Femina - Works from FLAD's Collection", until January 25th.

‘America Vinte Vinte’, a new partnership between FLAD and TSF

A space for debate and analysis of current affairs every week at TSF, conducted by journalist Ricardo Alexandre, every Thursday at 15:00.

The Feast. Fury. Femina. exhibition has already started

The generational dialogue between works and artists since the 1960s, in FLAD's largest exhibition, is already open to the public at the Central Tejo of the MAAT.

Interview with António Pinto Ribeiro and Sandra Vieira Jürgens – Umbigo Magazine

The exhibition Feast. Fury. Femina. – Works from FLAD's collection mark FLAD's 35th anniversary and is constituted almost exclusively of works by Portuguese artists.

Isabel Lucas at the Atlantic Talks

She has traveled 97.000 kilometers for a year looking for the meaning of the American dream. Isabel Lucas takes us on this trip of American literature.

António Pinto Ribeiro and Sandra Vieira Jürgens – Coffeepaste Interview

António Pinto Ribeiro and Sandra Vieira Jürgens are the curators of the exhibition Fast. Fury. Femina. – Works from FLAD's Collection, at the MAAT – Central Tejo from September 22, 2020, to January 25, 2021.

FLAD and Universities renew Protocol of the SiPN program

FLAD and the 4 partner Portuguese universities signed the renewal of the protocol of the Foundation's study abroad program, Study in Portugal Network (SiPN).

Observador Newsletter: Can small candidates decide the outcome of the elections?

This week's Observador Special American Elections newsletter discusses the consequences of small-party candidates on presidential elections. More information here.

Carlos Moedas in the Atlantic Talks

Engineer, manager, politician, Europeanist convinced by Science and Innovation. Our guest this week is Carlos Moedas.

Feast. Fury. Femina. – Lisbon Cultural Agenda

Thus, and in celebration, MAAT now presents the exhibition Feast. Fury. Femina. – Works from FLAD's Collection, the largest ever made from FLAD's compilation.

Follow the assembly of the Feast. Fury. Femina.

Feast. Fury. Femina. – Works from FLAD's Collection is in the process of assembly at the Central Tejo / MAAT until the inauguration on September 22nd.

Observador Newsletter: Why are swing-states so important?

What is a swing-state and how important are these states in U.S. presidential elections? This is what we're going to discover in this week's 'Special American Elections' newsletter.

Ricardo Araújo Pereira in the Atlantic Talks

Complex philosophy about minutiae, sensitivity in philately, and why the Buchas earn more than the Esticas. Ricardo Araújo Pereira in our podcast.

Joseph I. Castro: FLAD and the California State University, Fresno

Joseph I. Castro, President of Fresno State, on the importance of Portuguese culture in California and the close relationship between FLAD and the University.


Grant to support the participation of North-American speakers in workshops, seminars, and conferences in Portugal.


Grants for the presentation of articles produced in Portugal at North-American conferences.

Save the date: Feast. Fury. Femina. Works from FLAD’s Collection

FLAD's new art exhibition is almost here with 228 Portuguese artworks waiting for you at the MAAT. More information here.

Observador Newsletter: Why is the Vice President choice so important?

In this week's Newsletter 'Special American Elections' from Observador we talk about the importance of the Vice President to the U.S. elections and government.

“Feast. Fury. Femina.” brings together 200 works by artists from various generations of FLAD’s collection

More than 200 works by 61 artists of various generations will be gathered in the exhibition "Feast. Fury. Femina.", from FLAD, starting September 22nd, at MAAT.

Jorge Morais and Carlos Felix: 45 years of WJFD radio

The Portuguese radio station WJFD, based in Massachusetts, USA, celebrates more than 4 decades of experience in promoting the Portuguese-American community.

Republican National Convention: What’s going to happen this year?

The Republican Party begins today the national convention in a hybrid model. Learn more here.

Observador Newsletter: What are US Party National Conventions for?

Every Monday, FLAD and Observador presents a newsletter on the 2020 US elections. Under the authorship of João de Almeida Dias, this week is about the importance of the National Conventions.

Diniz Borges: The Portuguese Beyond Borders Institute during the pandemic

Diniz Borges, Portuguese-American from the Azores and director of the Portuguese Beyond Borders Institute explains how the institute's initiatives have adapted to COVID-19.

How has the Colonial War affected the economy in the present?

Henrique Pita Barros is collecting information in the Torre do Tombo to analyze the impact of wars on present development.

Michelle Obama and Bernie Sanders Open Democratic Convention

The pandemic prevented the gathering of delegates and candidates in Milwaukee. For four days, Democrats will try to cheer the troops through videoconference.

Sweet Potato King: A.V. Thomas Produce and COVID-19

Manuel Eduardo Vieira, Portuguese-American from Pico Island, Azores, explains how his company, A.V. Thomas Produce, has adapted to the pandemic.

Portuguese Kids: How to maintain “juízo” in pandemic times

Laughing is the best medicine, and our Portuguese Kids know how to treat us. See how "juízo" is maintained in times of pandemic.

Joe Biden picks Kamala Harris for Vice President

The former California attorney general and current state senator is the first African-American woman to join the ticket by one of the two largest parties.

Manaíra Athayde looks for today’s reading habits in the archives of the past

FLAD/BNP 2020 grantee, is in Portugal, to understand the strength of digitization and identity issues in the research of Portuguese literary estates.

Paulo Pereira: COVID-19 in Mineola, New York

Paulo Pereira, Portuguese-American and Deputy Mayor of Mineola, New York, explains what steps have been taken to deal with COVID-19.

Linda Vieira: Luso-American Financial during the pandemic

Linda Vieira, Chair of the Board of Directors at the Luso-American Financial, explains what measures have been implemented to monitor COVID-19.

Richard Machado: COVID-19 and Agrian

Richard Machado, President and Co-Founder of Agrian, explains the different measures implemented to ensure the safety of its workers.

FLAD and Açoriano Oriental launch newsletter in English

A newsletter that will allow us to reach all generations of the Portuguese-American community and show them the most important parts of the Azores, also in English.

Maria Hortencia Silveira: COVID-19 in the State of California

Maria Hortencia Silveira, a Portuguese-American immigrant in California, tells us what security measures are being put in place to deal with COVID-19.


Grant for conducting research internships in the USA for doctoral candidates from Portuguese institutions.

New partnership between FLAD and UC Berkeley

The signed agreement will promote Portugal, the Portuguese Language and Portuguese researchers to one of the best universities in the world.

Grant for Junior Visiting Researcher at @UC Berkeley

Opportunity for Portuguese students accepted at the University of California, Berkeley, to develop research for a doctoral thesis.

FLAD/Pinto-Fialon Grant for PhD in @UC Berkeley

FLAD and the University of California, Berkeley, make $20.000 available to two Portuguese doctoral candidates to fund their first year of studies at Berkeley.

Nuno Severiano Teixeira at Atlantic Talks

Who will lead the world and how can the pandemic change the balance of forces between the world's major powers? The analysis of Nuno Severiano Teixeira.

Jesse MacLachlan, our representative in Connecticut

Jesse MacLachlan, member of the Connecticut House of Representatives since 2014, tells us how U.S.-Portugal ties are reinforced during the pandemic.

Arlindo Oliveira at the Atlantic Talks

Data privacy, artificial intelligence, science fiction and the impact of technology on income. Arlindo Oliveira is this week's guest.

Marie France Conceicao: The San Francisco Police and COVID-19

Marie France Conceicao, Portuguese-American and Police Sargeant in San Francisco, tell us about her work before and during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Diana Marie Afonso: Medicine in Rhode Island and the Coronavirus

Diana Marie Afonso, a Physician Assistant at the Rhode Island Hospital, explains the greatest difficulties and advice of the medical community during the pandemic.

Catarina Carvalho in our Atlantic Talks

The influence of American journalism, the impact of CNN and the Internet, fake news, and racial issues. Talking to Catarina Carvalho.

How was the What’s Next for Higher Education and Digital Transformation webinar?

The doubts are still many, but experts agree that the online format is here to stay (at least in part) and that much is lost without face-to-face teaching.

Cheryl Popp: Sausalito Sister Cities during COVID-19

Cheryl Popp, President of Sausalito Sister Cities tells us how cultural activities and tourism have changed throughout the pandemic.

José Cordeiro: Massachusetts Police and COVID-19

José Cordeiro, Chief Police in Massachusetts and Portuguese-American, explains the measures to be taken during the pandemic to ensure the safety of everyone.

John Vasconcellos: the Community Foundation during the pandemic

John Vasconcellos, Portuguese-American and President of the Community Foundation, tells us how the Foundation has contributed to the community during COVID-19.

The Future of Higher Education: new What’s Next webinar

Distance learning was a temporary fix. But will it be the future? What impact does it have on universities? What about the students? FLAD's next webinar.

How was the What’s Next for Politics and Law Making webinar?

How are Parliaments and legislators responding to COVID-19? What measures have been taken, or can be taken, to support society? Check out our webinar.

Helena Garrido at Atlantic Talks

The economics journalist and author talks about the emergence in national politics of economists trained in the USA and the differences with Europe.

We already have the winners for the Fulbright/FLAD Grant

The first edition of the Fulbright research grant with the support of FLAD (20/21) has come to an end. Meet, here, the selected candidates!

What’s Next: law making after the pandemic

How are Parliaments working to support the lives and livelihoods of workers and companies? What changes will the future bring? Join our webinar this Friday

Joseph Solomon: Rhode Island House of Representatives and COVID-19

Joseph Solomon, Portuguese-American and State Representative for Rhode Island, explains the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic in his State.

Paulo Portas on the Atlantic Talks

CDS historic figure and former Vice-Prime-Minister Paulo Portas talks about the divisiveness in the U.S., the future of the world order, and the impact of social media on political debate.

How was the What’s Next for Mental Health webinar?

What impact has social isolation had on our mental health? What impact will the country's economic situation have on the most fragile? Take a look at our webinar.

Sergio Granados: Union County in New Jersey and COVID-19

Sergio Granados, a Portuguese-American and Union County Freeholder in New Jersey, explains the measures implemented to ensure essential services during COVID-19.

Kaitlin Martins: How to maintain vigilance during COVID-19

Kaitlin Martins, Nursing Assistant in Long Island, explains the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic and the precautions to be taken in the future.

Shall we talk about mental health? New webinar What’s Next

Social isolation and the "new normal" resulting from COVID-19 has an impact on our mental health. What are these impacts and how to deal with these changes?

Capicua is this week’s guest at Atlantic Talks

The rapper and activist from Porto recounts how she found Hip Hop, talks about feminism and the debate that did not take place in Portugal about sexual harassment.

The future of Art: How was the “What’s Next: How the pandemic changed visual arts”

What impact has the pandemic had on the visual arts sector and can the future be online? See how flad's first webinar went.

FLAD launches What’s Next webinars this Thursday

Every week during the next month we will promote an online debate about the present and the future in Visual Arts, Mental Health, Education, and Politics.

Atlantic Talks, FLAD’s new podcast

Atlantic Talks will explore the impact of the U.S. on Portugal over the past 35 years. José Manuel Durão Barroso is the first guest.

How political campaigns changed

Live chats on Facebook, fundaraising on Zoom. The Portuguese-American political consultant Lee Neves on how political campaigns are changing.

Lee Neves: How are political campaigns during COVID-19?

Lee Neves, Owner and Director of Cross Currents LLC, explains how election campaigns have changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

John Dias: Journalism during COVID-19

John Dias, a Portuguese-American reporter at CBS New York, explains what it's like to be a journalist during these difficult times of COVID-19.

FLAD and PÚBLICO launch bilingual platform with news from Portugal

FLAD supported project allows those who do not master the Portuguese language to receive and read the most important news from the PÚBLICO every week.

Amy Schulte: The adaptation of the San José Fire Department

Amy Shutle, the only Portuguese-American female firefighter in the San José Fire Department, explains to us the difficulties experienced during COVID-19.

Maria Araujo Kahn: The new functioning of the Connecticut Supreme Court

Maria Araujo Kahn, a Judge of the Connecticut Supreme Court, informs us how the judicial system has adapted its procedures to COVID-19.

Bill Mattos: The California Poultry Federation and COVID-19

Bill Mattos, President of the California Poultry Federation, explains how the poultry industry in California has adapted to the new coronavirus.

The world’s largest network for measuring coastal temperature and biodiversity

Innovative technology with a contactless system that measures water temperature on both coasts of the North Atlantic to assess the impact of climate change.

Rui Seabra wins FLAD Science Award Atlantic 2020

The project will allow the collection of data to measure the impact of climate change on biodiversity. "It will change our global perception of the Atlantic," says the jury.

We’ve accomplished 35 years. What’s next?

Today we celebrate 35 years of history at FLAD. A history of the development of Portugal through the partnership with the U.S. Join us and learn more about us.

Cliff Costa: How is California during COVID-19 times?

Cliff Costa, Board Member of the California Portuguese-American Coalition (CPAC), tells us what it's been like to work in Sacramento, California, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Francisco Resendes: Portuguese solidarity in times of COVID-19

Francisco Resendes, Director of the Portuguese Times newspaper in New Bedford, Massachusetts, tells us how the Portuguese-American community has adapted to the COVID-19 impacts.

Jim Costa: The importance of the relationship between Portugal and the USA

Jim Costa, Congressman for the 16th district of California, reinforces the importance of the friendship between Portugal and the United States of America.

Angela Simões: PALCUS’s new initiatives during COVID-19

Angela Simões, president of PALCUS, explains to us the initiatives developed by the organization to support the Portuguese-American community during COVID-19.

FLAD and Camões join forces to promote Portuguese language in the US

On the day we celebrate the World Portuguese Language Day, FLAD and Camões Institute signed a protocol to promote the teaching of the Portuguese language and culture in the USA.

Zachery Ramos: supporting the most vulnerable in times of crisis

Zachery Ramos, president and founder of the Traveling Library in Gustine, tells us how he has helped the California community during the COVID-19 crisis.

Taylor Amarante: Laughing is the best remedy (even for COVID-19)

Taylor Amarante, a Portuguese-American comedian, explains how he has provided moments of laughter at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Miguel Ávila of the “Portuguese Tribune” on the impact of COVID-19 on the community.

Miguel Ávila, Director of the newspaper Portuguese Tribune, tells us how the community has adapted to the COVID-19 crisis on the west coast of the USA.

Telmo Faria: “Uma Casa” keeps jobs and helps those in need

Telmo Faria, Chef and owner of the restaurant "Uma Casa", has adapted the operations of his restaurant to safeguard the jobs of his workers and offer meals to those in need.

David Vieira: reducing the economic impact of the pandemic on the community

David Vieira has been working in the Massachusetts House of Representatives to expand access to unemployment benefits and rules to prevent evictions.

Michael Benevides: how a Portuguese market survives in this crisis

Michael Benevides, owner of Portugalia Marketplace, tells us how his family business has adapted to the new COVID-19 crisis.

Frank Baptista: The Voice of the Emigrant during COVID-19

Frank Baptista, founder, and producer of Radio Voice of the Immigrant expalins how he informs and gives voice to the community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Leslie Ribeiro: teaching Portuguese in Massachusetts during COVID-19

Leslie Ribeiro, Executive Director of the Discovery Language Academy, explains how Portuguese is taught in Massachusetts, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

FLAD supports the creation of Biobank to study COVID-19

To find solutions we need to know more about the problem. Therefore, FLAD decided to support the creation of a Biobank, by iMM, dedicated exclusively to COVID-19.

Michael Rodrigues: how to protect the community in times of crisis

Michael Rodrigues, Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee for the Massachusetts Senate, shares the work being done to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bernie out, Biden to face Trump in November

Bernie Sanders dropped out of the race and announced his support for Joe Biden, who will face Donald Trump in November. The movement lives on, says the Senator.

COVID-19: FLAD donates 350,000 euros to the Rede de Emergência Alimentar

FLAD and the Banco Alimentar join forces to support the most vulnerable, who in the context of the current COVID-19 pandemic have lost income and support.

Joe Biden wins Florida, Illinois and Arizona and makes Sanders path for nomination more difficult

The Vice-President won every state up for grabs, nearly three times more delegates than Bernie Sanders in Florida, and twice as many in Illinois.

Video: CNN/Univision Democratic Debate in Washington D.C.

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders had their first solo debate for the Democratic primaries in Washington D.C.. COVID-19 and Health Care dominated the debate.

FLAD: Temporary conditioning of the Foundation’s activities

The exceptional situation we live in affects our activities, but the open calls will remain active and FLAD will be flexible to safeguard grantees.

Sofia Sampaio presents the ‘alternative‘ side of Portuguese Cinema at Brown

The researcher at CRIA (Centro em Rede de Investigação em Antropologia) was selected as Visiting Professor, for the Fall Semester 2021, at Brown.

It wasn’t super, but almost: Joe Biden wins Big Tuesday

After Super Tuesday, the expectation was whether Joe Biden would confirm this good moment for his run to President or whether Bernie Sanders would react. Biden won and casts doubts on Sanders' continuity in the electoral race.

How is the president elected?

What is the electoral college? What if no candidate wins the election? Come and see some answers to help you understand the U.S. electoral process.

How do you choose a candidate in the primaries?

The choice of a candidate in the primaries is far from a simple vote. What are delegates, superdelegates, and conventions for?

Miguel Monjardino: COVID-19 economic shock may change the electoral campaign

The Professor of the Institute for Political Studies of the Católica University launches prospects over Big Tuesday and possible changes for the presidential campaign due to the COVID-19.

Joe Biden aims for another winning Tuesday

Bernie Sanders seemed unstoppable until the primary reached South Carolina. Joe Biden moved to the front at Super Tuesday, but will he continue?

Do you like American politics? 7 Movies you need to watch

The campaign is accelerating in the U.S. and will quickly dominate the current topics of discussion. If you're a political junkie (or want to impress your friends) check out our suggestions.

The books of the candidates

Find out our reading suggestions to learn more about Democratic candidates for the US 2020 Presidential Election.

5 Podcasts to follow the elections

On the way to work, in the gym or when you're cleaning the house, here's how to find out all about the U.S. elections without much effort.

Dream Table: Serralves and FLAD in Braga

The Serralves and FLAD collection come together in an itinerant exhibition that started in Chaves and now ends in Braga. Get all the details here.

José Pedro Monteiro teaches about Portuguese decolonization at Brown

The researcher at the University of Coimbra was chosen for Visiting Professor in the Spring semester of 2021 at Brown University.

Video: Democratic Party Debate in South Carolina

Watch the last full debate before Super Tuesday still with the six candidates for the Democratic nomination.

Video: Democratic Party Debate in Nevada

Watch the full debate between the top six candidates for the Democratic Party nomination in Las Vegas, Nevada.

FLAD-National Library of Portugal Research Grant 2020

FLAD in partnership with the National Library of Portugal promotes a program of short-term research grants. Find out all the details here.

FLAD-Torre do Tombo Research Grant 2020

FLAD with Torre do Tombo promotes short-term research grants. Get to know all the details for your application here.

Miguel Castelo-Branco: more 100,000 euros for Autism research

Miguel Castelo-Branco won the FLAD/Life Science Award in 2016, obtaining funding of 300,000 euros for three years. The merits of the work developed by the researcher of Coimbra led FLAD to renew the prize for another year, with more 100,000 euros of funding. Learn more about the research details here.

Grant Fulbright/FLAD: deadline for applications ends this month

One month is left until the deadline of applications for the Fulbright grant for research with the support of FLAD. Find out here all the advice exchanged at the information session on January 16th and all the details about the application process.

José Pedro Monteiro and Sofia Sampaio are the selected candidates as Visiting Professors at Brown

Professors José Pedro Monteiro and Sofia Sampaio were the selected candidates as Visiting Professors at Brown University. Get to know all the details.

FLAD-Fulbright: 30 years supporting to research and study in Portugal and the USA

FLAD and Fulbright have been supporting research and study opportunities in the USA for more than 30 years and promoting Portugal as an academic destination for North-Americans. Get to know all the details here.

João Ferreira is chosen to manage the Santa Maria Space Station – RAEGE

Given the geostrategic and spatial potential of Santa Maria Station, the Regional Government of Azores together with FLAD recruit a station manager.

FLAD Science Award Atlantic – 2nd Phase

A scientific award for young scientists working in Portugal with interest in the Atlantic area. Come find all the details!

Video: Democratic Party Debate in Iowa

Watch all the topics discussed by the Democratic primary candidates for the U.S. 2020 Elections before the Iowa Caucuses.

Visiting Professor: Lívia Franco on her way to Georgetown

A solid resume and the will to reinforce Portugal's role in Political Science and Foreign Relations.

Fulbright-FLAD: new grants in a promising year

This partnership is one that we are most proud of and emerges now reinforced, in 2020, with more grants and joint events.

Open Call for Visiting Professor at Brown University

Annual open call for Visiting Professor at the University of Brown, for academics in the area of History of Portugal / Social Sciences.

FLAD Science Award Health

To be announced in 2020.

FLAD Science Award Atlantic – 1st Phase

For young scientists working in Portugal who want to conduct research within the Atlantic.

NATO: 70 years and a future of challenges

We celebrated NATO's 70th anniversary, bringing together, in FLAD's headquarters, national and international experts to discuss the role of the Atlantic alliance and the future of the organization.

Support for the Portuguese Diaspora: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs creates an open call for financial support to organizations that promote associativism within Portuguese communities abroad.


Walk&Talk is a contemporary art festival, supported by FLAD, which takes place in the Azores, Find out more details here.

FLAD at the Açoriano Oriental/TSF-Azores Conference

FLAD's president, Rita Faden, was the guest speaker at the luncheon organized by Açoriano Oriental and TSF-Azores, that took place on October 29, 2019. Rita Faden emphasized the relationship between Portugal and the United States of America and the importance of FLAD's role in reinforcing this bilateral transatlantic relation.

Call for Visiting Professor at Georgetown University

We are no longer accepting applications for Visiting Professor at Georgetown University for the Fall Semester 2020. Find out all the details here.

Introducing the Azores to American students of SiPN

Every semester, the Study in Portugal Network, FLAD's academic mobility program, organizes study visits to several Portuguese regions for American students who chose Portugal as their destination to study abroad.

Geodesic and Space Station of Santa Maria – RAEGE

The Space Station of Santa Maria is recruiting for the position of Station Manager.

FLAD’s visit to Fresno State University

FLAD visited the University of Fresno State for a discussion between Portuguese-descendant students and professors on Portugal and Transatlantic Relations.

3rd Annual Summit of the California Portuguese American Coalition

At the 3rd annual summit of CPAC, FLAD reinforced the fight for greater political representation of the Portuguese-American community.

IST International Day

The Instituto Superior Técnico invited FLAD to participate in this event and we gladly said yes. It was two great days of talking to students about the FLAD's opportunities and support.

MIT Portugal/FLAD: And the winners are…

MIT-Portugal Annual Conference, held this year in Ponta Delgada and dedicated to the Atlantic, awarded the best posters for dissemination of doctoral research work.

Fabric Fall River – Arts Festival

FABRIC is a festival of contemporary art, which proposes a new cultural vision of the city of Fall River, in a narrative with its Portuguese heritage.

Study and Research in the USA

The Study and Research in the USA session aims to clarify and make known the different respurces available for the Portuguese community.

Portugalia Marketplace, America with a Portuguese flavor

Come and visit the Portugalia Marketplace, a Portuguese gourmet market in Fall River, Massachusetts, managed by the Portuguese-American Michael Benevides.

FLAD-AiR 351 Grant: artistic residencies in Cascais

The FLAD/AiR 351 grant aims to promote an interchange of ideas and strengthen relations between the artistic and cultural communities of Portugal and the United States.

Get to know the internship opportunities of SiPN!

SiPN offers a unique variety of opportunities for American students looking for an international internship in Portugal!

SiPN and FLAD sign a protocol with Western Michigan University

Western Michigan University signs an exchange academic protocol with four Portuguese universities that will allow students to attend an academic mobility period between the universities.

Students from the Study in Portugal Network program presented to FLAD

Dozens of young American students gathered at FLAD to hear all about Portugal and the tremendous opportunity it is to study in our country, something that they themselves discovered while living and choosing Lisbon as their destination to study abroad.

FLAD Azores Chairs

International open call to be launched for the creation of 3 Chairs at the University of Azores. More details here.

Luso-American Legislators’ Dialogue

The annual makes it possible to shorten the distance between Portugal and the United States, and to connect Portuguese and Portuguese-American legislators, so as to bring about a deeper understanding of the strategic importance of the Portuguese-American and transatlantic alliance.

FLAD-Torre do Tombo (DGLAB-ANTT) Research Grant 2019

FLAD, within the framework of the protocol established with the Direção-Geral do Livro, Arquivos e Bibliotecas - Arquivo da Torre do Tombo (DGLAB-ANTT), annually promotes short-term research grants to support the promotion of the Portuguese language and culture in the USA.

FLAD-National Library of Portugal (BNP) Research Grant 2019

The Luso-American Development Foundation, in partnership with the National Library of Portugal (BNP), promotes an annual program of short-term research grants.

The Atlantic Strategy Group: the role of the Atlantic in today’s world

The Atlantic Strategy Group (ASG) aims to strengthen the capacity of North and South Atlantic countries to identify common challenges and objectives within the Atlantic.