The next Visiting Professors to enter the 2021 year at Brown University have been selected

The professors José Pedro Monteiro and Sofia Sampaio were chosen by the jury and by the students of Brown University to teach a subject in the Spring semester of 2021 and Fall semester of 2021 in the reputed Department of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies of Brown University, considered one of the best higher education institutions in the United States.

The jury composed of António Costa Pinto, from the University of Lisbon, Onésimo Teotónio Almeida, from Brown University, and Cristiana Bastos, from the University of Lisbon, praised the quality of the applications received and were satisfied with the interest expressed in the open call.

The choice was not easy given the quality of a large number of candidates.

The choice of these two teachers took into account the quality of the curriculum, the experience of teaching in English and the relevance of the subject programs proposed by the candidates, but Brown’s students also had a decisive word in the outcome of this open call.

It was considered preferable not to move forward with a definitive choice without first consulting the students at Brown University, the ones most potentially interested in enrolling. The proposals for course programs submitted by the candidates were sent to the graduate students in the Department. – The jury explained.

Professor José Pedro Monteiro will make known the history of the late Portuguese decolonization process, in parallel with other European colonial experiences on the African and Asian continent, in the Spring semester of 2021. José Pedro Monteiro is a historian and researcher of the Centro de Estudos Sociais from the University of Coimbra and has developed his work on issues relating to European colonial empires, in particular, the Portuguese case and its process of decolonization.

In the Fall of 2021, it will be the turn of Professor Sofia Sampaio, who will teach a course on the history of Portuguese cinema from a cross-border perspective, namely in connection with Brazil, through less recognized film works. Sofia Sampaio, from the Centro em Rede de Investigação em Antropologia (CRIA) within the ISCTE-IUL, has conducted extensive research in the area of the History of Cinema and Visual Anthropology.


See you soon!

Note: Both José Pedro Monteiro and Sofia Sampaio were selected during the 2020/2021 academic year. Due to the restrictions imposed to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, those lectures were postponed by one semester. José Pedro Monteiro will now teach in the Spring semester of 2021 and Sofia Monteiro in the Fall semester of 2021.