FLAD and Fulbright have a long-standing partnership to strengthen support for study and research in the U.S. and promote Portugal as an academic destination for Americans. Within this relationship, in 2022, FLAD awarded five scholarships to Portuguese students and researchers from various scientific areas.

The five fellows were selected by a Committee composed by members of the Fulbright Commission Board of Directors and with the participation of a FLAD representative. In addition to the Fulbright Research Scholarship with the support of FLAD, in its 3rd edition, which benefited three master’s students at Portuguese universities, two scholarship members were selected in the Fulbright Scholarship for Master’s and Fulbright Scholarship for PhD Professors and Researchers. This exceptional allocation was due to a surplus in planned and unallocated funding during the pandemic period.

Thus, in total, FLAD will support five scholarship students from various scientific fields and at different stages of their academic career. They are:

Fulbright/FLAD Research Fellowship

-Edite Felgueiras, Communication of Science (University of Minho)

-Francisco Silva, Oceanography (University of Aveiro)

-João Matos, Biomedical Engineering (University of Porto)

Fulbright/FLAD Scholarship for Master’s Degree

-Leonor Mendes, Dramatic Arts (Lisbon-Polytechnic School of Dance)

Fulbright Scholarship for PhD Professors and Researchers

-Marco Vasconcelos, Psychology (University of Aveiro)



The five Fulbright/FLAD fellows will start their programs at prestigious U.S. universities as of September 2022. They are, respecting the order mentioned, the University of Standford, the University of Georgia, the Massachusetts Institute of Technologies (MIT), The University of New York and the University of California (Los Angeles).

Many congratulations and good work to all!

About the Fulbright/FLAD Research Scholarship Application

The necessary requirements:

  • Have Portuguese nationality.
  • Have not previously benefited from a Fulbright Program grant.
  • You have not resided in the USA for a period of 5 years or more in the 6 years prior to the date of the open call.
  • Don’t possess dual nationality, Portuguese and North-American.
  • Don’t have a residence permit (green card) in the USA.
  • Do not have a valid U.S. visa between the time of the grant open call and the start of your stay in the U.S.
  • To be a graduate student in a Portuguese higher education institution.

Applicants that meet these conditions must also submit an affiliation letter, that is, a letter of acceptance by the American host institution, three letters of recommendation, the diploma or certificate of grades of the completed academic degrees, and proof of agreement with the project by the coordinator/ director of the Master’s degree or the advisor of the Master’s project of the candidate, if it already exists.

For any questions please contact program@fulbright.pt. More information about the scholarship here.