This week’s program of América Vinte Vinte from TSF / Rádio Notícias – which has the support of FLAD – has the participation of Professor and Director of IPRI-NOVA Nuno Severiano Teixeira, who speaks, in the company of Ricardo Alexandre, about the inaugural address and what the first 17 executive orders of Joe Biden say about the new direction of American politics.

With an inaugural address that points to an obvious direction of unity, Joe Biden will now face the great challenge of finding bridges between the two divided Americas (Democrats vs Republicans, Progressives vs Conservatives, Urban vs Rural). From the pandemic, to climate change and immigration policies, Joe Biden signaled a clear difference from the Presidency of Donald J. Trump. Returning to the search for international hegemony and traditional alliances, Nuno Severiano Teixeira analyzes what this new position of the United States can possibly mean for Europe and for the World, especially with regards to China and the Middle East.

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