FLAD organized a series of events to present the study Portuguese immigrants and descendants in the USA in the 21st century in Massachusetts, New York, and Washington D.C. to the Portuguese American community.

This is the first comprehensive demographic and socio-economic profile of those who identify as being of Portuguese ancestry covering the recent years of the 21st century (2006-2020) and represents a critical update for community leaders and organizations, researchers, media outlets, entrepreneurs, and for all those serving Portuguese constituencies. For FLAD and community leaders, this was also an opportunity to discuss the state and challenges faced by the Portuguese American community in the US with concrete data that are a direct result of this study.

“Bringing this study and its authors to the United States enables us to have a great conversation about its results and what we can do together to advance the Portuguese American community.” – Rita Faden, President of FLAD.

The findings were presented by two experts from the University of Lisbon, who authored the report commissioned by FLAD, and were followed by a lively Q&A. Each session was an opportunity to strengthen relationships and discuss ideas for the community and to further develop research about this important issue.

“I witnessed the great interest from people in different activities to learn more about the community, as well as a desire to acknowledge the amazing achievements of Portuguese descendants in the US and share concerns and ideas for the future. I am confident that this was critical to bring together people who want and can take the community further, and to show the importance of self-reporting one’s Portuguese ancestry.” – Rita Faden, President of FLAD.

On June 20th, the session was co-hosted with the Center for Portuguese Studies and Culture at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. On June 21st, in the Harvard Club of NYC, it was done in partnership with the Consulate General of Portugal in New York, PALCUS, and the Portugal-US Chamber of Commerce in New York. The last session, on June 22nd, in Washington DC, was the result of a partnership with the Congressional Portuguese American Caucus and had the presence of the five members of Congress who are of Portuguese ancestry, as well as the ambassador of Portugal to the United States.

“The story of Portuguese Americans is part of the American Story, immigrants past and immigrants present. As a proud descendant of Portuguese immigrants – the traditions and values my family took from the Azores have never been far from my heart. This study allows us to better understand and serve our community.”- Jim Costa, US House of Representatives.

At FLAD, we look forward to continuing this ongoing conversation and contributing to strengthen the voice of the Portuguese descendants in the US. Knowing who and where we are, will be decisive to better target our action.