The electoral campaign in the United States is starting to heat up, with the democratic side increasingly defining who the nominees might be to face Donald Trump in the November 3rd election and with the President of the United States also accelerating his campaign.

Yes, it’s true, there’s no time for everything… but if you like American politics and want to know how the campaign is going, you can listen to some of these programs on the way to work, while you’re in the gym or even when you’re doing your house chores. Nothing like combining business with pleasure.


Checks and Balance, The Economist

Every Friday, the editors and correspondents of the reputable British magazine make an analysis of the state of the campaign but extend their focus beyond present times.. In this podcast, you can find analyses of the historical context that has led to the growth of certain economic and social forces that are changing politics in the United States, from the history of socialism in North America to the forces that are pushing political parties to extremes.


NPR Politics Podcast, National Public Radio

One of the most successful podcasts in recent years, the NPR politics podcast is another production of American public radio and analyzes throughout the week the most important news coming out of Washington and the electoral campaign. The panel, composed of political journalists and other related areas, not only reports the news but also explains why they are so important.


The Field, New York Times

With the election of Donald Trump, many in the press were shocked. How did the election of the New York magnate come about when all the models and the fieldwork done indicated with a high degree of certainty that Hillary Clinton would be the winner? On the path of the 2016 lessons, the New York Times decided to create a podcast exclusively dedicated to reporting on the ground, among communities that have been forgotten and with less voice, whether Democrats or Republicans.


The Daily, New York Times

The most important subject of the day, explained by the best journalists of the New York Times, in episodes of 20 or 30 minutes. Unlike the podcast recommended above, The Daily is not exclusively devoted to elections, but policy issues end up gaining a lot of weight, especially now that the race is getting more heated.


Post Reports, Washington Post

Like The Daily, it is not a podcast exclusively dedicated to policy topics, but with the progresses of the campaign, so the Washington Post can’t help but highlight the fight between Republicans and Democrats. It has the participation of the best journalists of the Washington Post, and punctually columnists and journalists of the competition.