Lívia Franco’s application was the chosen one in this FLAD competition.

Georgetown University will host Lívia Franco, a teacher, and researcher of Political Science and Foreign Relations, for a semester where Portugal will take center stage.

Among all the applications, the one of Lívia Franco stood out for its “solid curriculum and its motivation to promote the study of Portugal in this University and in other relevant institutions in Washington, D.C.”

Lívia Franco, from Instituto de Estudos Políticos of the Portuguese Catholic University, underlines the importance of this one-year experience in a year where a certain instability prevails and of intense change in international politics.

“Being in Washington, in this moment, at a University such as this one, at the Government Department, will be a unique opportunity for whom, as i, are professional international politics analysts”.

Lívia Franco was selected by a panel with Rita Faden, FLAD president, Nuno Monteiro, a professor at Yale University, and Nuno Garoupa, professor at George Mason Univeristy.


See, down below, the testimony of Prof. Lívia Franco and find out more about her professional career here.

Note: Lívia Franco was originally selected to teach at Georgetown in the Fall of 2020. Due to the restrictions put in place to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, this date was postponed to the Spring Semester of 2021.