FLAD has joined the Associação EPIS – Empresários Pela Inclusão Social and will sponsor four master’s grants to young people of academic merit who want to continue their studies in higher education, but who come from an underprivileged background.

The Foundation aims to reward academic merit, while helping those most in need of support. The four grants we will sponsor aim to give young underprivileged people, and who have still managed to achieve excellent academic results, an opportunity to continue their academic education at the master’s level.

This initiative is part of the 11th edition of the EPIS Social Grants program, which, with the contribution of a total of 35 investors, will award 132 social grants to support young people from all schools in the Continent, Azores and Madeira, and reduce school dropouts and failure.

Main evaluation criteria:

  • Full bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and profession to practice in the future;
  • Academic merit of the student at the end of his/her higher education experience: final grade of completion; grades per discipline; percentage of grades equal to or greater than 18 and between 14 and 17, on the total number of subjects;
  • Socio-economic characterization of the household: level of qualifications of parents, the profession of the parents, number of siblings, support of school social action or scholarship in the year 2020/2021;
  • Impact of the pandemic on the applicant’s family life;
  • Letter of recommendation, up to 600 characters, from the course or traineeship advisor, if applicable: justification of the personal and academic merit,  but also the potential of the student for the continuation of studies;
  • Student essay, up to 1000 characters, regarding the theme: “My dream profession”.

Applications must be submitted by September 20th, here: https://forms.gle/hXh2EZfX9myK7Z4p7.

For more information, see the EPIS page at https://www.epis.pt/homepage.

Good luck!