The Santa Maria Space Station already has a new Manager

The Geodesic and Space Station of Santa Maria has vast research potential in the area of seismology, radio astronomy, and geosciences. Considering the National Strategy for Research, Innovation and Growth – Portugal Space 2030 – in which the Azores assumes particular importance for their geostrategic position to study space, FLAD, the Regional Government of the Azores, the Regional Office of the Sea, Science and Technology,and the RAEGE Azores Association decided to support the hiring of a manager for the Station, in order to stimulate the exploration of spatial data and signals.

This initiative aims to promote new markets within Portuguese Science and Technology, and qualified employment in the space area.

João Ferreira was selected as manager of the Geodesic and Space Station of Santa Maria, in which he will also create a laboratory with the collaboration of the Atlantic Network of Geodynamic and Space Stations – RAEGE and other research centers.

My mission will be to facilitate a connection bridge between all the institutions.

The new station manager wants to take advantage of the existing infrastructure and those that will be built, but also cooperate in a network, both with the mother network and with other centers worldwide.

To generate science, generate knowledge, in mainland Portugal and the Azores.

The international open call for the Manager position of the Geodesic and Space Station of Santa Maria – RAEGE, is closed.

For those interested, the open call will have new editions in the future to be announced (more information here).

Stay tuned.

See you soon!