After the success of the first podcast, FLAD decided to put all the conversations with the guests of the Atlantic Talks in a book.

From José Manuel Durão Barroso to Mónica Ferro, the weekly talks about Portugal, the US and the rest of the World, conducted by journalist Filipe Santos Costa, went from audio to the pages of a book.

The initiative, framed on the 35th anniversary of the Luso-American Development Foundation –  which we celebrated in 2020 – received every Monday personalities from various sectors of the Portuguese society, to explore the connection and influence of the United States in Portugal over these three and a half decades.

Atlantic Talks - The interviews of the podcast conducted by Filipe Santos Costa

This is a book that is born from a podcast, the first promoted by FLAD. Throughout 2020, the Atlantic Talks brought together 20 Portuguese personalities who looked at the influence of the United States in Portugal in the last 35 years, that is, since FLAD was created.

"From politics to humor, through music, economics and cinema, it is undeniable that the US has left marks and inspired many Portuguese and many sectors of our society. That is why this book shows personalities such as José Manuel Durão Barroso, Capicua or Ricardo Araújo Pereira, apparently so different from each other, but united by the American experience with a Portuguese outlook. (...) I invite you to enter these pages, in our Atlantic conversations about two countries united by an enormous ocean." – Rita Faden, president of FLAD.

You can find all of the Atlantic Talks episodes in the following applications:

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