This week’s program of América Vinte Vinte from TSF / Rádio Notícias – which has the support of FLAD – includes the participation of the journalist Germano Almeida, who speaks, in the company of Ricardo Alexandre, about Joe Biden’s team and what these choices say about the new direction of American politics.

Joe Biden has already presented the team that will join the President-elect at the White House, from the new Secretary of State – Antony Blinken – to the President’s climate change representative – John Kerry. Many of these names come from the Obama administration and worked directly with the then Vice-President Joe Biden. A new administration that, according to Germano Almeida, confirms the relocation and realignment of the U.S. in what has been the last seven decades of international history, as leaders of multilateralism, globalism, and liberal democracies.

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