From firefighters to the US Congress, there are many Portuguese-Americans in the United States elected to work for the community in which they are involved. In recognition of their work and their importance in the community, FLAD has created a new space dedicated to making them known.

The most recent estimates indicate that about 1.5 million Portuguese and Portuguese descendants live today in the United States. It is a vast community, differentiated and spread throughout the country. From Hawaii to New York, a representative number of these members of our community have held functions at the highest level of responsibility, positions for which they ran for elections and came out victors.

Jim Costa, Devin Nunes, Lori Loureiro Trahan and David Valadao are the better known among them for their extensive work in defense of Portugal’s interests and of the Portuguese-American community as members of the United States Congress, but there are many more.

From State Representative Patrick Pihana Branco in Hawaii, to Eliana Pintor Marin, in the New Jersey House of Representatives, these elected officials of Portuguese descent are scattered throughout the US.

FLAD wants to make these leaders known in Portugal and among the community, as well as the work they do to defend the interests of the Portuguese-Americans. That is why we have created a new database where you can find all the elected officials of Portuguese descent. This database allows all users to search by institution, job position, and home State for elected members of our community.

In this first phase, we included all those who were elected to the US Congress and in each of the State Senates. But our commitment is the continued extension of this database to include all members of our community who have chosen the public service route, including mayors, fire and police chiefs, among others.

The database is now available on this dedicated page or through our page devoted to the Portuguese-American community.

If you are an elected official of Portuguese descent for one of these positions or you know someone who is but is not yet included in our database, please contact us via

See you soon!