We are a bridge between Portugal and the United States

Circumstances may change, but history proves that our relationship remains strong and consistent. Long-standing allies, Portugal and the USA are linked by the Atlantic and FLAD was born from this connection to promote the development of our country through this bilateral cooperation.

Our mission is to strengthen links between institutions, help produce and share knowledge in the fields of Political Science and International Relations, without ever forgetting the fundamental role of the Portuguese-American communities.

We are convinced that it is the union between people that supports the union between countries. We organize the Legislators’ Dialogue annually, a meeting of Portuguese-American legislators with Portuguese personalities. And every year, we have an open call for the position of Visiting Professor at Georgetown University within International Relations/Political Science in order to reinforce the study of contemporary Portugal in the US.

But Portugal’s greatest strength in the United States lies in the daily work of Portuguese and Portuguese-descendants who have been able to overcome adversity and today occupy major roles in American society. They are doctors, teachers, military, politicians, leaders in various areas that proudly display their Portuguese origin and celebrate the Portuguese diaspora.

We make a point of maintaining close and regular contact with our community in the U.S., supporting different institutions and events. We have been associated, since its foundation, to the California Portuguese American Coalition (CPAC) and the Portuguese Beyond Borders Institute, as well as the Portuguese American Leadership Council of the United States (PALCUS).

Our main goal is always: to strengthen the voice of Portugal in the United States.


Legislators Dialogue: FLAD received 19 Luso-American politicians elected in Lisbon

Legislators met with the President of the Republic, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the President of the PSD, among many others.

NATO: 70 years and a future of challenges

We celebrated NATO's 70th anniversary, bringing together, in FLAD's headquarters, national and international experts to discuss the role of the Atlantic alliance and the future of the organization.

@FLAD - Transatlantic Relations

Portugal integrates Transatlantic Trends 2022 of the German Marshall Fund

Portuguese are among those who show the greatest confidence…

New Competition for Visiting Professor at Georgetown University 2023/2024

New rules allow Teachers to apply to teach a semester or a…

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We support the voice of the Portuguese-American communities

The most important human bond in the relationship between our countries is formed by the almost 1.5 million Portuguese or Portuguese-descendants, united to Portugal and the USA, across the Atlantic.

We know that the Portuguese diaspora is a unique opportunity for the defense of Portugal’s interests in the United States, and so we invest in the cooperation with the Portuguese-American community, a community that, with its active and associative spirit, contributes to the prosperity of the two countries.

FLAD’s commitment to ideas and people is an investment in two major drivers of the transatlantic relationship and paves the way for new opportunities to grow.

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