In this week’s edition of the Observador Newsletter – Special American Elections , the first after election day in the United States, journalist João de Almeida Dias analyzesthe symbolic power of an American political tradition, the concession speech granting victory by the defeated candidate.

The elections ended last Tuesday, but it doesn’t feel like it. Joe Biden has been declared the winner by major television networks – as is the case in every election cycle in the US – but Donald Trump is contesting that victory. The matter is now being discussed in the courts.

At this point, the are various news reports and posts on social medial remembering how defeated candidates have reacted to their defeat. As the journalist João Almeida Dias recalls, concession speeches have no legal value, and there are even those who took it back – as with Al Gore and George W. Bush – but the symbolism is great: this is the moment the campaign ends, and the road is open for the winner to prepare his administration.

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