FLAD’s president was the guest speaker at the luncheon organized by Açoriano Oriental and TSF-Azores that took place on October 29, 2019.

Rita Faden emphasized the importance of the relationship between Portugal and the United States of America and FLAD’s role in reinforcing the transatlantic relation.

Rita Faden also stressed FLAD’s action in the Azores and for the Azores, for instance through the establishment of chairs at the University of the Azores and through its commitment to the engagement of the United States in the AIR Center.

The importance of the Portuguese diaspora in the United States of America, mainly of Azorean origin, was also discussed.

Today our community in the United States takes on a leading role and is present in every sector. Businessmen, doctors, teachers, people serving in the US Armed Forces, professionals who have overcome adversity and conquered prominent positions in the American society.”

In this context, FLAD’s president also highlighted the importance of the work of such organizations as PALCUS and CPAC in defending the interests of the Portuguese-American community.

“More than 25 years ago, a group of people of Portuguese descent came together to found PALCUS. Earlier this month, I was at the 23rd PALCUS Gala, in Sacramento, and I was happy to see their commitment and energy in the fight for the union and appreciation of the Portuguese communities. An example of this is the #makeportuguesecount campaign for the 2020 CENSUS. Identifying Portuguese ancestry is crucial to a better knowledge of who we are, how many we are and where we are.”

“CPAC is another great example. Three years ago, the California Portuguese American Coalition was founded. It is a network of Portuguese-American politicians and community leaders, whom I had the pleasure to meet the last time I visited the United States.”

The luncheon ended with a Q&A session, moderated by Paulo Simões, the director of TSF Azores / Açoriano Oriental.