FLAD launches the 2024 edition of the short-term research fellowships at Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal, Torre do Tombo and archives and libraries across the country, with the aim of supporting the promotion of Portuguese language and culture in the USA.

These programs are aimed at students, teachers, and researchers attached to educational or research institutions in the U.S., with a view to providing a productive stay in Portugal and access to research tools needed for the research projects of those selected.

The grants awarded by FLAD in partnership with DGLAB – Torre do Tombo and Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal are aimed at researching Portuguese history, culture and languages, and other related topics, based on the collections of both archives.

The FLAD Portuguese Archives Scholarship, created last year to reinforce the promotion and accessibility of face-to-face research, extends to archives and libraries throughout the country (mainland Portugal and the Islands).

These grants, lasting up to 3 months, have a value of 1400 euros/month, with an additional support of 750 euros for travel-related expenses.

We advise you to read the announcement of each competition for more information about the application process, requirements, selection criteria, and deadlines. You can find all the information about each of these scholarships here: