Applications for the FLAD Portuguese Archives Grants are open until March 31. This support includes short-term research in any archive or library on national territory.

The FLAD Portuguese Archives 2024 research grants are open to students, teachers and researchers, linked to higher education and research institutions in the USA, who wish to develop face-to-face research in Portuguese libraries and archives, regardless of their location and size in Portugal.

This scholarship program aims to reinforce FLAD’s commitment to the promotion, research and dissemination of documentation and respective contents existing in local, municipal, ministerial and other collections in Portugal (mainland and islands), diversifying the already existing FLAD opportunities, such as short-term research competitions with DGLAB – Torre do Tombo and Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal.

The present Regulation defines the conditions of access to short-term scholarships awarded by FLAD, aimed at research in any area of study and directed at candidates who intend to carry out research in other archives.

Who can apply?

  • Students, teachers and researchers linked to universities and/or research centers in the USA, regardless of their nationality, interested in knowing or deepening knowledge through face-to-face consultation in Portuguese collections that are not available for online consultation, framing and justifying the relevance of this research in their academic-professional career.

How long do the scholarships last?

  • Minimum duration of one month and maximum of three months;
  • They should start by December 2024;
  • No applications will be accepted for periods of less than one month.


  • Subsidy of €1,400.00 for each month of the duration of the scholarship, regardless of the location in Portugal;
  • Additional payment of €750 to subsidize travel-related costs.


Applicants must submit the following documents in Portuguese:

  • CV;
  • Brief biographical note;
  • Description of the study plan and the project it is part of;
  • Document proving the link to the University or Institution the candidate is associated with;
  • Approval document/invitation letter from the host Library or Archive in Portugal;
  • Credentials that support the project and that are of interest for the appraisal of the application.


Once submitted, applications are assessed by a jury made up of teachers, researchers and managers of national collections and by a member appointed by FLAD.

See the notice of this call (FLAD Grants – Portuguese Archives 2024) to find out all the details.

If you have questions about the contest or the application process, please send an email to .