We are no longer accepting applications for Visiting Professor at Georgetown University in the Fall Semester 2020. We are now reviewing the applications and will soon announce the selected candidate. We are very excited about the number and especially the quality of the applications that were submitted.

Main goal

FLAD and the Department of Government of Georgetown University (Washington, DC, USA) are looking for a Visiting Professor to teach a biannual course in English on a subject within the field of International Relations or Political Science regarding contemporary Portugal, in the context of transatlantic relations and global politics. Research on related topics can also be considered in the evaluation process.

The final decision on the topic to be taught will result from the agreement between Georgetown University and the selected candidate.

Candidates should also follow and collaborate with FLAD’s work in Washington, DC, both at that University and in the relationship with institutions based in the U.S. capital, including think tanks, foundations, other universities and several local contacts.


A Visiting Professor will be selected for the following academic semester:

  • Fall Semester 2020 (September to December, with the possibility of renewal for the next semester).


Applications must be sent via email to fladport@flad.pt, under the subject “Georgetown University Call for Visiting Professor 2020”, with the following documents attached:

  • Motivation letter;
  • CV in Portuguese and English;
  • Curriculum plan proposal (in English) for the subject to be taught;
  • Copy of PhD Certificate;
  • Two letters of recommendation from academics (researchers and/or professors);
  • Consent within data protection legislation GDPR Consent).


Applications will be reviewed by the following judges:

  • Rita Faden, FLAD’s President
  • Prof. Nuno P. Monteiro, Yale University
  • Prof. Nuno Garoupa, George Mason University

FLAD will assign to the chosen candidate a scholarship worth USD 5,500/month, health insurance and round trip.

The deadline for applications is November 20, 2019.