Over the next year, FLAD will develop a set of Cultural initiatives Art and Culture,which aim not only at promoting and developing the sector, but also on a set of opportunities for artists to develop their talent and projects. These are the opportunities we want you to be aware.

In recent years, showing FLAD collection has been one of our main objectives. Despite the restrictions caused by the pandemic, exposure to Festa. Fúria. Femina. – Works from FLAD’s Collection, in partnership with maat, was visited in Lisbon by thousands of people who got to see up close some of the most outstanding works of the Collection of Contemporary Art of the Foundation.

As we were enchanted by each of the works and their artists, the need to make this more open and inclusive collection. Believing that art does not have, or should have, borders – and that a we want our collection dynamic and alive – we have been acquiring new works, with emphasis on the works of women and also of some foreign artists.

We quickly realizedthat we were able to support work and artistic training in more ways,and that other forms of art deserved our attention.

Here you can see the timetable of the initiatives that are already planned. Over the course of the year, there will certainly be other opportunities, which we will continue to tell you about.