This week the program Amércia Vinte Vinte from the TSF / Rádio Notícias – which has the support of FLAD – has the participation of Silvia Curado, director of research at NYU, and Nuno Mota Pinto, former administrator of the World Bank.

The politicization of scientific facts, such as the use of protective mask, the induction of mistrust and fear in relation to Science, lack of investment, restricted immigration policy, improper influence of the industry, among other factors, may lead to the relocation of the US as a forum for scientific development. A future that, according to Silvia Curado, the American scientific and university community tries to mitigate every day.

Nuno Mota Pinto says the conditions for not allowing a given victory for Trump are there, with an Irish Democratic candidate able to appeal to the Blue Collarelectorate from the mid-west,the area in which the current US President won the 2016 election. But it’s still too early to predict the outcome of the election. Joe Biden’s lead in the current polls is very similar to Hillary Clinton’s values, also by this time of year.

How can the discrediting of Science, the management of COVID-19, and its consequences on US economy affect the results of the presidential elections on November 3rd? These and other questions are answered in this week’s episode of America Vinte Vinte.

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