The grantees for the short-term research grants have already been selected, under the FLAD/Torre do Tombo, FLAD/Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal and FLAD Arquivos Portugueses programs.

The FLAD/Torre do Tombo grant, in partnership with Direção-Geral do Livro, Arquivos e Bibliotecas – Arquivo Nacional da Torre do Tombo, aims to promote Portuguese language and culture in the USA and is intended for researchers from universities and/or research centres in the United States who are interested in studying the funds and documentary collections of the Arquivo Nacional da Torre do Tombo, with a view to the elaboration of projects in the field of archival, history, or Portuguese culture and language.

Selected FLAD/Torre do Tombo 2022:

-Heloisa Milk Imada, Transnational readings of Portuguese: the circulation of illustrated prints and the construction of the femininity of the modern woman

-Jessica Renée Beasley, A study of the censorship of Natalia Correia, and the three Marias

-Manoel Rendeiro Neto, Terras Pretas, Águas Rubras, Impérios Brancos: The Amazon roots of Racialized Agriculture in the Atlantic Tropics (1755-1840)

-Mariana Pinho Candido, Women in the history of Angola, c. 1500-1880


The FLAD-BNP grant is open to researchers affiliated with higher education institutions or research centers in the United States and aims to support research on topics related to Portuguese history, culture and language, based on the collections of the Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal (BNP).

Selected FLAD-BNP 2022:

-Aharon deGrassi, The Connecting Threads: The Dynamic Geographies of Cotton and Containment in Angola 1850-2020

-Ayodeji R. Olugbuyiro, The black subjectivity in Lusophone Atlantic poetry: the contribution of the House of Students of the Empire

-Bruna Fernandes, Violating borders: Afro-Luso-Brazilian identity in Domingos Caldas Barbosa

-Daniel Amarelo, Queer Archives in Portuguese culture: gender, sexuality and national construction

-Fabien Montcher, On Natural Sovereignty: Late-Renaissance Fruit Diplomacy Between Lisbon and Rome

-Mariana Oliveira, In search of transatlantic connections in the estate of Vitorino Nemésio

-Miguel da Cruz Fernandes, Rotating Reasoning? Circular diagrams in the monastery of Alcobaça (XII–XV centuries)

-Nina Baratti, On the politics of Angolan folk music under the Portuguese colonial rule

-Paulo Rodrigues Ferreira, Identities and peninsular perceptions in the works of Brito Camacho and Luís Taboada

-Rafael Santos, The holocaust testimony literature in Portugal

-Sónia Almeida, The graphic work of Ilda Reis in the transition to democracy


The FLAD Arquivos Portugueses scholarship, created in 2022 as a complement to existing ones, is intended for teachers and researchers, linked to higher education and research institutions in the USA, who intend to develop face-to-face research in Portuguese collections, regardless of their location and size in the country.

Selected FLAD Arquivos Portugueses 2022:

-Anna-Lisa Halling, History of convent theater in the Iberian Peninsula during the Modern Age (16th-17th centuries) | Various Portuguese archives and libraries

-Daniel Amarelo, Galician in Portuguese grammars: norta clues to the history culture of the Portuguese language | Center for Humanistic Studies (CEHUM) of the University of Minho

Mark Molesky, Did the Portuguese Invent Medical Screening? | Overseas Historical Archive

-Matthew Bailey, The Legendary Lives of Teresa de León, Countess/Queen of Portugal and her son, Afonso Henriques, first King of Portugal | Braga District Archive

-Susana Matos Antunes, Portuguese writers on the theme of military dictatorship and the Estado Novo in Portugal, Africa and emigration countries | Public Library and Regional Archives Luis da Silva Ribeiro, A. Heroísmo

Congratulations to all and good work!