The newspaper PÚBLICO launches this Friday the new bilingual edition of the editorial project PGlobal, with the support of FLAD. The goal is to reach out to the new generations of the Portuguese diaspora, particularly in the United States, and promote Portugal to new audiences.

This project, which has the support of FLAD, aims to reach out to audiences interested in Portuguese news that don’t master the Portuguese language, in particular, the new generations of the important Portuguese-descendant community in the United States, taking the understanding of the country that Portugal is today even further, and it’s way of looking at the world.

“We believe that with this PGlobal project in English we will be able to take Portugal even further, to those who aren’t fluent in the Portuguese language. It is an investment that makes sense in our mission to bring together the Portuguese communities, who continuously show interest and pride in their roots. By allowing access in both languages, we believe it will be an important tool for teaching the Portuguese language in the United States. We also don’t forget the Americans who live in Portugal, and who can have in this platform direct and quality contact with the current situation of the country.” – Rita Faden, President of FLAD.

PGlobal now has a new website and a newsletter with a renewed look. These two products will be available both in Portuguese and with a native English edition, with the news that marked the week and pave the way for the future.

The choice of news and the newsletter that will be sent every Friday will be curated by journalist Leonete Botelho.

“PGlobal is like the window of a Portuguese house from which you see the world and through which the world glimpses at Portugal. That house is PÚBLICO, where every day we work to accurately inform and understand the news behind the momentum. In the PGlobal Newsletter, we try to unwind the thread that each week is weaving through the news; on the PGlobal website, we offer the selected news in full, both in Portuguese and in English, this is only possible thanks to the partnership with FLAD. We believe that the bridge we thus create with the U.S. will help keep alive in our hearts “this little spark of heavenly fire, consciousness,” that the Founding Father of the United States, George Washington, spoke of.” – Leonete Botelho, journalist of PÚBLICO

How does the project work? 

Until June 15, access to PGlobal will be free, so readers can know and contact with the project.

From that date onwards, the project will have an annual cost of 19.90 euros. Those who subscribe to PGlobal will have access to a specific website dedicated to the most important news of the week and will receive a Newsletter every Friday, with the most important things that happened in Portugal and in the World, with the curatorship of Leonete Botelho.

Starting this Friday, subscribers can choose to receive the Newsletter and read the news in Portuguese or English.