Every day we work to promote the development of Portugal in cooperation with the United States of America. And it’s by assuming this mission that FLAD constitutes itself as a bridge between the two countries, a resource of excellence among those who seek and offer opportunities in the USA in different areas.

As we celebrate 35 years we want FLAD to be involved in projects of undeniable value and to be recognized as an accessible, humane and modern institution, which rewards merit and value creation.

Focusing on four major areas – Science and Technology, Education, Art and Culture and Transatlantic Relations – FLAD wants to pave the way for the Portuguese scientific, academic and artistic potential, strengthen Portuguese-American communities and bring people and institutions closer together from the two sides of the Atlantic.

And, of course, in addition to our regular grants, programs, and open calls, it is very important for us to have your ideas and projects, framed in this promising relationship between Portugal and the United States of America, in which the Azores have a special role.

Join us!

FLAD is the result of the strong relationship between Portugal and the United States of America.

Longtime allies, the two countries have had a close relationship for several decades, which gained intensity after the Second World War, with Portugal’s access to the Marshall and OECE Plan in 1948, and inclusion in NATO in 1949, together with the broad economic aid program granted to Portugal for its democratic consolidation, after the 25th of April of 1974.

But one of the most remarkable moments for FLAD to be born is the Cooperation and Defense Agreement between Portugal and the United States of America, in 1983. In it the Portuguese government accepted the military facilities intended by the American government, such as the continuation of the North-American stay at the Lajes Base, until 1991. On the other hand, the USA agreed to grant a set of support (military, economic and energetic), among which was the creation of the Luso-American Development Foundation.

The formalization of the creation of FLAD took place on the 20th of May of 1985, with the approval of the Decree-Law n.º 168/85. The Luso-American Development Foundation was thus constituted as a Portuguese institution, financially autonomous and private, designed to contribute to the national development, through the promotion of scientific, technical, cultural, educational, commercial and business cooperation between the two countries.

On that date, FLAD had a capital of 85 million euros. The management of this endowment allows the autonomous exercise of FLAD’s mission, to which other revenues from statutory activities also contribute.

Member of the main national and international networks of foundations (The Portuguese Foundation Center – CPF; The European Foundation Center – EFC), FLAD is recognized as one of the most important Portuguese foundations. It has opened  doors to the United States for almost 35 years, developing Portugal, the Portuguese and Portuguese descendants, in partnership with leading institutions, while supporting projects of recognized value.

In 2019, FLAD underwent a redefinition of its priority areas and an internal reorganization, for which the strategy for the upcoming years has been developed considering this major objective: to strengthen Portugal’s presence in the USA, as well as create opportunities that allow the development of people and national institutions.

To achieve such a goal we believe it is crucial to:

  • Actively seek to work with other foundations and reference institutions;
  • Reward merit and innovation;
  • Enhance mobility between the two countries, promoting knowledge about Portugal, its culture and institutions;
  • Help the Portuguese-descendant community to have greater representation, and thus to be able to better defend their interests;
  • Develop citizenship and social responsibility projects, anchored in our mission.

We also know that implementing the Foundation’s strategy is only possible if FLAD’s internal structure is prepared to fulfill it. We have an experienced and focused team, organized and adapted to current needs.

We have in our team people who have worked at FLAD since the day one, but also interns who have just arrived at the labor market. We have professionals who came from the private sector, the academic world and the investment area. It’s in this variety of profiles and experiences that we find one of our greatest strengths.

FLAD’s next years will be years of celebrating its legacy and opening up to a promising future. There will be a reinforcement of flagship projects and the creation of new programs and awards that celebrate merit and value creation.

Always looking at the Atlantic and the Azores as a reference point in our strategy, we want FLAD to continue to break barriers and boost ideas that show what Portugal has to offer.