We are committed to the scientific potential of Portugal

We know that the promotion of Science and Technology is essential for the development of Portuguese society. Therefore, we celebrate scientific merit and the will to do more and better.

We want to contribute to the establishment of an international presence of Portuguese science and give more visibility to our scientific community. In this regard, the relationship with the United States of America is a very important asset.

Our strategy is to facilitate Portuguese scientific production by allocating resources to innovative projects and ideas able to overcome barriers and generate concrete solutions to the challenges of today’s world.

FLAD provides several types of support to Portuguese students, researchers, scientists and teachers at the forefront of science, through grants, programs, and awards, along with facilitating contacts and collaborations with renowned U.S. institutions.

Enjoy this opportunity to get to know, through this website, our regular grant programs (Papers@USA, PT@USA, R&D@PhD), our Chairs in the Azores, the RAEGE program and the FLAD Science Awards. Or challenge us with your ideas and projects.

You can also follow us through our social media to stay up to date with our work, where Science and Technology occupies a prominent place.



Grant to support the participation of North-American speakers in workshops, seminars, and conferences in Portugal.


Grants for the presentation of articles produced in Portugal at North-American conferences.


Grant for conducting research internships in the USA for doctoral candidates from Portuguese institutions.

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Open Calls

João Ferreira is chosen to manage the Santa Maria Space Station – RAEGE

Given the geostrategic and spatial potential of Santa Maria Station, the Regional Government of Azores together with FLAD recruit a station manager.

FLAD Azores Chairs

International open call to be launched for the creation of 3 Chairs at the University of Azores. More details here.