The Luso-American Development Foundation has decided to support 10 institutions, from various areas, with an overall financial contribution of 250,000 euros, to help those who need it most in an extremely difficult economic and social situation. The support will be translated in a variety of ways, from the purchase of goods to the donation of money.

These institutions have been chosen for the excellent work they are doing in their respective areas in supporting sectors of the population that are being particularly affected by the pandemic we continue to experience.

FLAD is aware of its social responsibility and the active role it must play in responding to society’s needs. Not only needs for academic, scientific, and artistic progression – as we have done regularly for 36 years – but access to essential goods, mental health care, or transition to an independent adult life.

We decided to take this step by being alongside institutions that develop a solid and significant work within their communities, in the most different areas. This contribution is resulting in the purchase of clothes, food and computers for children in the Azores, the donation of musical instruments in Fundão, the financing of victim support rooms in various areas of the country, the support of psychological assistance for children and young people, and the preparation of housing to accommodate the homeless, among others.

Institutions supported by FLAD:

When the support translates into the purchase of goods, it is being done, whenever possible, with local markets, which have also been exposed to the side effects of the pandemic.

In addition to the overall financial contribution of 250.000 euros, which will be distributed according to the needs identified with each of these institutions, the Foundation will advertise their work, in hope that more people will join this effort.

This is a period that requires an emergency response, but needs will continue, as will the incessant work that these and other institutions do with almost always insufficient resources.

In this sense, FLAD decided to integrate these actions into the regular activity of the Foundation, replicating something of the best and most characteristic of American society: giving back to the community.