The América Vinte Vinte program by TSF/Rádio Notícias – which has FLAD’s support – resumes in 2021 with new episodes to discuss the US electoral process until Joe Biden takes office.

This week’s episode features Teresa Botelho, Associate Professor of Portuguese-American Studies at NOVA-FCSH (Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of the NOVA University of Lisbon), and Lee Neves, Political Consultant and Owner of Cross Currents LLC, for a conversation with Ricardo Alexandre about the second impeachment of Donald Trump and the consequences of this process for the beginning of Joe Biden’s presidency.

The House of Representatives voted in favor, this Wednesday, for the removal of President Donald Trump. The trial in the US Senate to decide Trump’s conviction, for incitement of insurrection, will only take place after Joe Biden takes office. Will the vote in favor in the Senate come solely from the Democrats? Is it possible to obtain a qualified majority, that is 2/3 of the Senate? Will there be further attempts of rioting on the part of Trump’s electoral base? These and other issues are discussed in this week’s episode.

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