* The 2nd phase of applications for the FLAD Science Award Mental Health is now closed.

Candidates who have been selected in the 1st phase can now complete their application for the largest Mental Health research award in Portugal. See below how to apply for the 2nd phase.

The impact of the pandemic on access to Mental Health care and on the Mental Health of the population itself was considered “devastating” by the World Health Organization. The problem is now central by the words of leaders around the world, underlined as fundamental in all analyses of the impact of the pandemic. The urgent increase in funding that is needed according to the WHO, was established even before the pandemic. Now it’s fundamental. It has become even more evident to all of us that it is crucial to value Mental Health and to fight the stigma with which mental disorders are associated.

Promote clinical research on Mental Health in Portugal.

The FLAD Science Award Mental Health, the largest scientific award for Mental Health in Portugal, aims to support clinical research projects of young psychologists, psychiatrists, family doctors, neurologists, and other professionals in this area, in Portugal, with the cooperation of the United States.

But also contribute to the quality of life of patients, at a time when the needs around Mental Health are even more evident.

Key research areas for the 2021 edition

In this first edition, FLAD preferred not to close the field of research in a particular group or in a specific pathology. The focus is on developing new clinical approaches, which can be dedicated to prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation. The idea is that these approaches reflect a better understanding of the impact of different factors – biological, life experiences, family history, epidemiological, among others – on the development of mental disorders.


The award has a value of 300.000 euros, for a maximum of 3 years, which corresponds to 100.000/year.


The evaluation shall be carried out by a scientific committee composed of:


Candidates selected for the 2nd phase of FLAD’s Science Award Mental Health will have between January 15th and February 15th, 2021, to complete their application. A final interview can also be anticipated.

Documents to include:

We advise you to read the notice of this open call (Notice – FLAD Science Award Mental Health), where you can find all the details about the award.

Any questions related to the prize or the application process, please email fatima.fonseca@flad.pt.

The final results will be known on the 31st of March, 2021.

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What features should a project have to win this FLAD Mental Health Science Award?

Dr . Catarina Resende de Oliveira, a member of the scientific committee, explains the characteristics that a project must have to win the new edition of the FLAD Science Award.

What is the importance of the FLAD Science Award Mental Health for Mental Health in Portugal?

Dr. Miguel Xavier, member of the scientific committee, recalls the importance of this award for Mental Health in Portugal.