At a time the Western world is in a state of siege, Joe Biden won the latest primary round in the United States.

The world has stopped to try to halt the COVID-19 pandemic and the United States is no exception. More than 100 deaths and confirmed cases of infection in all 50 states, led to the cancellation of the expected vote in the State of Ohio.

In the three states that went to the polls, Vice President Joe Biden won by a considerable margin over his only opponent still in the race, Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders.

In the state of Florida, with the most delegates up for grabs and one of the most important in the race for the White House, Joe Biden won nearly three times more delegates than Bernie Sanders, and twice as much in the state of Illinois, home to Barack Obama’s city, Chicago.

With this victory, Joe Biden distances himself further in the race for the Democratic nomination, leaving Bernie Sanders in a delicate position.

To get the nomination on the first ballot, either candidate must have the support of at least 1991 delegates. The confirmation of the nomination will only take place at the Democratic Convention, which will take place in July.