The Luso-American Development Foundation (FLAD), the Atlantic Centre and the National Defence Institute (IDN) will award two researchers in the field of Security and Defense in the Atlantic 20,000 euros to develop their projects. The selected research projects will be developed between March 31 and December 31, 2022.

This is the first edition of the FLAD Atlantic Security Award and aims to promote research on such important topics as Security and Defense.

Objective and scope

This call aims at selecting two outstanding research projects that demonstrate the capacity to contribute to the advancement of knowledge on topics related to current Security and Defense issues in the Atlantic.

Key topics that can be addressed are:

• Comparative analysis of sectoral public policies impacting Atlantic security;
• The nexus between environment, security, and development;
• Technology and North-South cooperation;
• Transnational threats;
• Cooperation and competition dynamics at a local, national, and regional level;
• Space-related technologies and domain awareness;
• Maritime security.

Accepted topics for research are not limited to the ones listed above.

Applicant eligibility

At the time of application:

• The applicant must hold a PhD, or equivalent degree, for no longer than 10 years.
• The applicant must provide evidence of having conducted independent research of high quality.
• The research projects submitted for this grant must fall under the general category of security and defense in the Atlantic.

Application process

The call is open from September 21 to October 30, 2021, 11:59 PM (Continental Portugal Time, UTC+00:00).

Results will be announced by December 21, 2021.

Applications must be submitted through the online form available here: Please note that only applications submitted through this form will be considered.

Candidates are required to upload the following documents:

• Detailed curriculum vitae (in English or in Portuguese)
• Document certifying that the candidate holds a PhD degree (in English or Portuguese)
• Two recommendation letters (in English or Portuguese)
• Cover letter (in English or Portuguese)
• Detailed research plan proposal:

o The research plan proposal must be written in English or Portuguese
o The research plan proposal must have up to 6000 words

Applicants can only submit one application per call.

Selection committee

Applications will be reviewed by the following selection committee:

• Ana Santos Pinto, Professor at NOVA University, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
• Licínia Simão, Professor in International Relations at the University of Coimbra and Coordinator of the Atlantic Centre
• Pedro Seabra, Researcher and advisor at the National Defence Institute

Review process and selection criteria

Applications are reviewed by the Selection Committee, who will assess them based on the following selection criteria:

• Researcher’s academic record and qualifications
• Relevance and originality of the research project
• Scientific merit of the proposed project with clear identification of goals, milestones, outputs and timeline for the expected research
• Inclusion of relevant field work to be developed and expected attendance of meetings or conferences by the researcher
• Future potential of the researcher and of the project
• Proven capacity to conduct independent research

For one of the awards, priority will be given to a Portuguese applicant.

Expected research outputs

Researchers awarded with this grant are expected to:

1) develop field research;
2) submit one mid-term report of their activities during the fifth month of work (in English or Portuguese);
3) submit one Atlantic Centre policy brief on the topic of research;
4) organize a policy-oriented public event for the Atlantic Centre on the proposed research topic;
5) submit one peer review publication with the main findings of the research project in one of the outlets of the National Defence Institute;
6) contribute to the National Defence Institute’s research agenda and activities;
7) submit one final report (in English or Portuguese).

Demonstrated ability to deliver such outputs will be taken into consideration by the selection committee.

Terms of the grants


The two selected candidates will receive a grant for a research period of nine months, starting on March 31, 2022.


Each of the two selected candidates will receive a grant of 20.000€.

The funding will be transferred in two phases:

• 10.000 € in the first month of work, 2022
• 10.000 € after the mid-term report has been submitted and validated


Please read the open call document (FLAD Atlantic Security Award) to know more.

For further information, pleace contact