Candidates for the R&D@USA scholarships have already been selected.Starting this month, the 18 Master’s, PhD and Junior Researchers students, chosen by FLAD, will carry out research internships in the USA, related to innovative scientific or technological topics.

Those selected will have the opportunity to conduct research at academic and scientific institutions in various locations in the US. In addition to the research support component, the FLAD R&D@USA Scholarships also contribute to the approximation of Portuguese and North American institutions in order to increase the knowledge network between the two countries, thus facilitating the development of institutional partnerships.

Applications for the 2nd semester of 2024, for internships starting between 1 July and 31 December, are open until 30 April. More information here.

Find out who are the students selected for the first semester of 2024 and what their destination is in the USA:

Congratulations! And good job! 🙂