FLAD decided to support the Associação Novo Futuro, an institution with eight homes, where it takes care of 75 children and young people taken from their families after suffering repeated mistreatment, abuse or neglect. This support will help cover some basic needs of these children, such as food, clothing and appliances, mental health needs and driving licences for young adults who started their journey into the labour market.

We’re all born the same, but we don’t all grow up with the same opportunities. In some cases, not even the most basic rights, such as the right to education, health, to grow in a safe and inclusive environment.

This is the case of the children who are hosted by Associação Novo Futuro, an IPSS that exists since 1996 in Portugal, and which currently has eight residential homes spread throughout several municipalities of the country – Lisbon, Cascais, Sintra and Vila Nova de Gaia.

Novo Futuro welcomes children with ages between 5 and 21 years old, who are removed from their families by the courts after repeated situations of abuse, mistreatment or neglect, favoring groups of siblings. When they receive these children, the association works to give them an environment as familiar as possible and that allows them to feel safe.

But this is only the first level of a complex approach. These are children who have not grown up in a safe environment, stimulated and cared for like those who grow up within a family. The situations that led to the removal of these children from their families are very traumatic situations, as Catarina Rodrigues, General-Director of the Associação Novo Futuro, explained to us.

“In the early days of life, these children and young people did not have the same type of stimulation, the same type of care. They experienced traumatic situations, often repeated. They did not have that care that allows us to grow safely, with self-esteem, with someone who looks at us and believes that we will be able to do something.” – Catarina Rodrigues, General-Director of Novo Futuro

For this reason, it is necessary to have an internal but also external therapeutic intervention, which allows children to “be able to resume the development that has been suspended” and thus continue their life and academic project.

The work of Novo Futuro continues after these children and young people leave their care. Regular work is done with a view to family reintegration with children and their families to ensure that in the event of a return to their families it is done safely.

But also in adulthood, when young people become autonomous, Novo Futuro provides constant support in their academic and professional career, in the management of their personal lives, their homes and personal finances, for example.

How to help?

Despite the tireless work of the professionals of this Association, Novo Futuro is an IPSS and only has 50% of its funding guaranteed annually by Social Security. This involves a great effort to make it possible to give the necessary conditions to the children and young people cared for by the institution.

FLAD has decided to support this association in recognition of the admirable work that Novo Futuro and its professionals develop and the support that these children and young people need and deserve to have. The support served to fund basic needs such as food, clothing and appliances, but also to provide young people with the possibility of getting their driving licence, something that is fundamental in the transition to the labour market, and to allow them to have as many opportunities as possible to start their adult life independently.

The needs are, however, continuous. But fortunately, there are several ways to help.

Make a donation: make a donation to the Associação Novo Futuro, at the value you can, and at the time that suits you. Everyone’s involvement and contribution are essential so that we can make each day better for our children and young people.

Being a Member: members (natural persons, provided that they are over 18 years of age or legal persons), undertake to dedicate, free of charge, their availability, effort and fidelity to the achievement of the objectives of the Association. Registration as a member is subject to the approval of the board and ratification at the General Meeting – minimum annual quota € 50.

Be Benefactor: there are several alternatives that you can use to support this cause, either by becoming a benefactor of specific areas, such as birthday and/or Christmas gifts or recreational, cultural, sporting, holiday or other activities, as well as becoming a benefactor of more general actions, such as benefactor of a house, the improvement of certain divisions within a house (e.g. refurbishment of a bedroom, a room, or others) or specific projects developed by the Association. The benefactor can be a private individual, a company or even a group of people united for a cause (e.g. co-workers or friends).

Volunteer: volunteers with different backgrounds, personal and professional experiences, tastes and motivations, can find in the Association several ways to collaborate, such as:

  • logistics/warehouse support;
  • support for administrative activities;
  • support for children and young people;
  • support for fundraising initiatives carried out throughout the year.

IRS and Tax Benefits: the State allows 0.5% of your liquidated IRS to return to a Social Solidarity Institution. It is the State that transfers this money, without additional costs for you and many benefits for this cause.

To learn more about Novo Futuro and how you can help these children and young people at risk, just check their website here.

Let’s help?