The UP Program – Higher Education, created to promote and encourage the internationalization of Portuguese Higher Education Institutions, received 45 applications from all over the country in the first edition. Four projects were selected that will be financed with 25,000 euros each.

During the 1st FLAD Forum on Portugal and USA Higher Education, on October 24 and 25, the projects selected under the UP Program – Higher Education were announced. In total of the 45 applications, the jury selected four projects, which will be funded with 25,000 euros each. The distinguished Portuguese institutions are the University of Algarve, the Polytechnic Institute of Bragrança, the University of Lisbon – Instituto Superior Técnico (INESC-ID) and the University of Coimbra – Faculty of Science and Technology, which will develop their projects in partnership with American institutions.
Learn more about the projects below:

Project 1: “Bridging Maryland (USA) to Algarve (Portugal) with the Blue Crab Study Case: Blue Innovation in Teaching and Entrepreneurship”

This project brings together the University of the Algarve and the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Framed in the blue economy, this project will bring together doctoral students in the area of marine sciences / blue economics, as well as intersection with civil society, this project stood out for integrating several areas of study and research.

Project 2: “Strengthening Portuguese Research and Academic Water Sustainability Programs”

A collaboration between the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança and the University of Nebraska Lincoln, the project is part of the use, consumption and management of water, particularly important challenges in the regions where these institutions are located. The project provides for the possibility of creating a double degree diploma between institutions at the level and master’s degree, as well as planned joint research projects, visits by professors and the award of scholarships for Nebraska students who develop mobility programs at IP Bragança. A “sustainable and interesting” project that stood out to the members of the jury.

Project 3: “US/Portugal Partnership on Extended Reality and Artificial Intelligence toward Accessible and Diverse Healthcare Training and Delivery”

The University of Lisbon – Instituto Superior Técnico (INESC-ID) joins Duke Univeristy– School of Medicine and Global Health Institute, University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s (UNCG) School of Arts & Sciences and Clemson’s School of Computing to create a project that fits into the application of extended reality technology in medical applications, including distance medical training and delivery of medical care.
The funding allocated will support the proposal presented for the creation of a dual-level program between IST and UNCH on virtual reality, as well as the visit of professors/project coordinators to institutions.

Project 4: “ELHIMA: ExpLoration and Hands-on learning through Interdisciplinary Micro-Activities”

A project that brings the University of Coimbra – Faculty of Science and Technology to the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) for a project in the application of technology in the process of teaching and education, namely by appealing to students greater interest in stem areas.
This partnership will allow the established of a bilateral research cluster to promote the development and planning of curriculum, joint publications between institutions, visits of teachers, among other actions.

Each of the selected projects will receive funding of €25,000 for the implementation and development of planned initiatives.

Many congratulations to all and good work!