*Due to the exceptional situation that we are going through, the contests and support provided may be postponed or canceled.

FLAD and Fulbright have been supporting to study and research in the USA for more than 30 years and promoting Portugal as an academic destination for North-Americans. This partnership is one that we are most proud of and emerges now reinforced, in 2020, with more grants and joint events.

The relationship began in 1987, the date of the first Fulbright-FLAD grant for Portuguese doctoral candidates to study and research in the USA, a program that lasted until 2012. Since then, numerous other Fulbright-FLAD grants have been launched, such as:

  • Grant for U.S. students and researchers to join Portuguese institutions (2012 – 2017)
  • Fulbright Brainstorm 2012: Childhood Obesity – the 21st-century epidemic (2012)
  • Grants for Portuguese School Principals – Educational Seminars (2012-2013)
  • FLAD-Fulbright Public Health Grant (2013-2014)
  • FLAD-Fulbright Grant for Research in the USA – Opportunity Grants Program (2015-2016)

Now we have two new grants for the Portuguese academic and scientific community:

  1. Fulbright Grant for research with the support of FLAD: Four scholarships for master’s students from Portuguese universities that have thought out for their academic plan, the realization of a research period at a university or research center in the USA, with a maximum duration of 4 months. It includes all areas of study with a $6.000 funding. For more information visit here;
  2. Fulbright/FLAD Grant for American Students and Researchers: Two scholarships to support the pursuit of studies and/or research projects in Portugal, with a maximum duration of 8 months. It includes all areas of study for American predoctoral researchers with a grant worth 10,000 euros. For more information visit here.

On January 16th, we will participate in an event organized by Fulbright Portugal to clarify doubts of potential candidates for these and other grants, either from FLAD or Fulbright.

We will soon share more details about this event through our social media.

Stay tuned!