The US elections are close and there is much to debate. FLAD and TSF have signed a partnership, for a new space of analysis and debate on the Portuguese radio until November.

‘America Vinte Vinte’ analyzes the themes that rock American politics, in the most diverse areas – politics, society, economics, science, books, music, cinema – and is now available.

Every Thursday, after 15:00, at TSF, journalist Ricardo Alexandre and two guests will debate the elections. There will also be room for analysis of the events of the week.

The program is available, in a longer version, after the broadcast in a podcast version on wherever you listen to your podcasts and on TSF Online.

The first program was dedicated to the radicalization and polarization of the political discourse between the two main American parties, and the guests were Luís Nuno Rodrigues, Director of the Center for International Studies of ISCTE, and Diana Soller, researcher at IPRI-NOVA.

If you want to listen to this episode, you can do so on the TSF website(here) or search for ‘America Vinte Vinte’ wherever you usually listen to your podcasts.

Don’t miss out every Thursday after 3 p.m.!