Rita Faden, President of FLAD, gave a lecture at California State University Fresno (State), dedicated to the theme “Portugal, the European Union, and Transatlantic Relations”, which followed an interesting debate between Portuguese-descendant students and professors.

On October 14th, in a classroom full of students, Rita Faden explained FLAD’s role in supporting institutions that contribute to the bilateral relations between the two countries and, in particular, their action in defending the interests of Portuguese-American communities and the promotion of the Portuguese language and culture in the United States.

Many of the Portuguese-descendant students present, with mostly Azorean ancestry, expressed their willingness to participate in the Portuguese Club at Fresno State and in the University’s Portuguese classes, in order to maintain ties with the culture, language, and family present in Portugal. Among these students, there were also several who expressed the desire to integrate exchange programs in Portuguese Universities in order to experience the Portuguese lifestyle.

The President of FLAD also highlighted the main features on which the relationship between Portugal and the United States is based, and Portugal’s role in promoting the transatlantic alliance also between the European Union and the United States.