We create learning opportunities that cross the Atlantic

We believe Portugal will be stronger the more people are able to master the Portuguese language and discover our culture.

That is why we assign grants to U.S. researchers to develop their work, both in Torre do Tombo and at the Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal. And we fund visiting professors at prestigious U.S. universities, such as Brown University, to teach Portuguese Studies and thus consolidate our presence in the United States of America.

That connection between institutions, students, teachers, and researchers is, in our opinion, one of the best ways to value our country and our culture.

Therefore, bringing American students to Portugal is one of our top priorities. Since 2015, we promote our academic mobility program, the Study in Portugal Network (SiPN). It is our contribution to place Portugal on the radar as an academic destination, accelerate the internationalization process of Portuguese universities and to promote the presence of the country and the Portuguese language in the North American market.

With an innovative, detailed approach tailored to the needs of U.S. students, we offer integrated internships and study abroad programs, in the leading universities of Lisbon. More than 1000 students have participated in SIPN, and we want to grow this number every year.

Open Calls

How has the Colonial War affected the economy in the present?

Henrique Pita Barros is collecting information in the Torre do Tombo to analyze the impact of wars on present development.

Manaíra Athayde looks for today’s reading habits in the archives of the past

FLAD/BNP 2020 grantee, is in Portugal, to understand the strength of digitization and identity issues in the research of Portuguese literary estates.

@FLAD - Education

FLAD and Universities renew Protocol of the SiPN program

FLAD and the 4 partner Portuguese universities signed the…

New partnership between FLAD and UC Berkeley

The signed agreement will promote Portugal, the Portuguese…

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Study in Portugal Network

Study in Portugal Network (SiPN) is a program of the Luso-American Development Foundation (FLAD) and arises within the framework of a strong movement of internationalization of Portuguese universities, companies and institutions, aiming to provide global responses and to add value to the city of Lisbon and the country, positioning Portugal as a reference in an international competition environment, having as main comparative advantage its geocentrality and a privileged point of access to other Portuguese speaking countries.

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