Less than two months before the US presidential election day, FLAD joined the Observador for a weekly newsletter, the Special American Elections. Every Monday, João de Almeida Dias explains how the North-American elections work and the greatest moments of the campaign.

This week’s newsletter begins with the question: What are US National Party Conventions for? The conventions can become a party when it is already clear who will be the candidate to run in the elections. Others give a lot of work when the primary elections do not have a clear winner. In this case, the first-place candidate is at the mercy of the delegates who can choose a second and/or third figure as a candidate for the US presidency.

This year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, both parties were forced to adapt the format of the conventions. On the Democratic side, they opted for a totally virtual convention. In the case of the Republican Party, some changes were put in place, but not so broad.

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