Find out more about the new partnership between FLAD and the Azorean newspaper. The major goal of this newsletter is to bring the archipelago to all generations of the Portuguese-American community.

As you know, the vast majority of the Portuguese-American community in the United States is of Azorean origin. An important part of these communities maintains a very close connection with the archipelago, although several generations have already been born on American soil.

Just as FLAD remains committed to promoting the Portuguese language in the United States, we are aware of the need to use English in order to communicate with that part of the community that doesn’t speak or read Portuguese (yet).

Also, for this reason, FLAD has developed a partnership with the Açoriano Oriental newspaper for the creation of a newsletter, which aims to inform the Portuguese-American communities about what is most relevant in the archipelago, and the best this region is developing.

Paulo Simões, director of Açoriano Oriental highlights that the newspaper “has long cherished the desire to be closer to our communities in the United States. Now, in a decisive partnership with FLAD, we have achieved this first step. But we want more. Açoriano Oriental aims at sharing news from the Diaspora with the Azoreans living in our islands, about “our people” who live in the US. We are already working on that and soon we hope to take this step further.”

We hope to shorten the distances between the Portuguese and Portuguese-descendants on both sides of the Atlantic and make known the development of the region to those who do so much by promoting and honoring their origins on the other side of the Atlantic.

This newsletter is already active and will have a monthly periodicity.

So, if you want to receive the newsletter, simply send an email expressing the same intention to

See you soon!