FLAD and SIC/Expresso begin this Tuesday a partnership for the US presidential elections on November 3rd, with a debate on polls and forecasts, with two US experts and the moderation of Pedro Magalhães, and journalist David Dinis.

The presidential elections of the United States are always followed very closely and with much interest around the world. The influence of American politics worldwide means that these days are lived with great intensity and anticipation.

But the US electoral system is very particular, creating the need to give more information, debate the big areas of decision, and better understand their implications.

For this reason, FLAD announces yet another partnership to fulfill this mission of helping to enlighten the public about what is at stake. The partnership between FLAD, SIC, and the weekly Expresso, has four initiatives planned.

“It is important to give information, know, understand, debate, discuss, because, as we all know, the US presidential elections have a great influence around the world. There is a great interest in Portugal, on behalf of the Portuguese, in wanting to know more, hence our interest in joining SIC/Expresso to hold these debates, and other initiatives that we have been taking over the last few months, with a particular focus in recent weeks for the elections.” – Rita Faden, President of FLAD.

The first of these initiatives takes place already this Tuesday, October 13th, with a debate on forecasts and polls, a topic that gained special relevance after the 2016 elections, when almost all polls pointed to a clear and comfortable victory for Hillary Clinton, but the winner would eventually be Donald Trump.

To dissect these results and realize what has failed, or what we do not realize in the numbers presented to us (as well as the impact of the pandemic and the evolution of the economy), we will have two renowned American experts in the field of forecasts and electoral behavior: Alan Abramowitz, Political Scientist at Emory University in Atlanta; and Mary Stegmaier, Political Scientist at Truman School of Public Affairs, from the University of Missouri.

The debate will be moderated by Pedro Magalhães, principal researcher at the Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Lisbon, also a specialist in these areas, and the journalist David Dinis.

You can watch the debate on the program Vivo na Redação do Expresso. The debate will be available on FLAD’s, SIC Notícias, and Expresso websites at 8 PM and can be viewed and reviewed as many times as you want.

The partnership between FLAD and SIC/Expresso also provides for another debate with US experts on October 20th, interviews with Portuguese-descendants elected in the US Congress, and a partnership to follow the election night, which will take place at FLAD.

For more information on these and other initiatives, follow us on www.flad.pt or on our social media.
If you follow the electoral process closely, see our election page.

See you soon!