On October 20th, the author of “Between Two Fires” (Relógio D’Água, 2020), Joshua Yaffa, will be at FLAD to share his unusual perspective on contemporary Russia. Admissionis free, subject to confirmation foremail fladport@flad.pt.

A correspondent for The New Yorker in Moscow and, more recently, in Ukraine, Yaffa explains in his book how ingenious bureaucracy helps the Kremlin sustain its power and an authoritarian regime.

Based on years of research, the journalist and writer makes us known how the most prominent politicians, businessmen, artists and historians have managed to build their careers in the shadow of the Putin regime. Between moral conflicts, opportunism and cunning, they end up serving themselves and also feeding an authoritarian regime.



Awarded the Orwell Prize 2021 for political writing, Yaffa will be talking to Isabel Lucas, journalist of Público, as early as next week, in a session open to all who want to better understand Russia and what sustains the power of Vladimir Putin.

Admission is free, subject only to confirmation via email fladport@flad.pt.

About the book

“The true story about how modern authoritarianism works and even progresses.”

Anne Applebaum, American writer and journalist, Pulitzer Prize winner

“It’s unforgettable […] a book about Putin’s Russia that is not like any other.”
Patrick Radden Keefe, American writer and journalist

Come talk to us and Joshua Yaffa about one of today’s most relevant topics.