Students, teachers, and researchers were all gathered at FLAD to exchange experiences and contacts on a promising afternoon.

On the 26th of September FLAD’s auditorium was filled with participants for our first seminar Study and Research in the USA.

To attend a master’s degree, a Ph.D. or to do research at a university in the United States is often an ambition of students and researchers who want to develop a career in world-leading institutions.

But few are aware of the different resources available, such as the Pinto/Fialon fund available at the prestigious University of California – Berkeley, intended exclusively to support Portuguese and Portuguese-descendant candidates who want to attend this university.

In this session, we counted with the presence of:

Numerous support programs were presented at this session, from FLAD’s grants to the support provided by Fullbright and by the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia, on an afternoon of questions and answers that brought Portugal and the United States closer together.

Below you can access the recording of the session, which has been divided into two panels. In the first part, you can find information about the real experience of those who have studied in the United States; in the second part, the resources available for those who have the US as an academic and scientific destination were presented.