The Luso-American Development Foundation, in partnership with the National Library of Portugal (BNP), promotes an annual program of short-term research grants.

This program aims to stimulate the knowledge of Portuguese history and culture in the USA, as well as to increase scientific and cultural cooperation between the two countries.

And, therefore, the FLAD-BNP grant aims to support research on topics of Portuguese culture based on the collections of the National Library of Portugal (BNP), and is intended for researchers from higher education institutions in the United States of America.

The grants have a duration of one month, provide a monthly allowance of1,400 euros, and may additionally include the payment of the round trip up to 750 euros, subject to proof of payment.

Once submitted, applications are assessed by a joint committee by representatives of BNPand FLAD.

The application process is currently closed but will be reopened in 2020.

For more information on the regulation and application process visit here.

Good luck and see you soon!