Labyrinth – Conversations on Mental Health is a project that results from a partnership between FLAD and the newspaper Observador, where we seek to shed light on mental health issues through a series of interviews that will bring stories and deep accounts of various Portuguese public figures on these issues, in the first person.

At the age of 29, Maria Botelho Moniz received an unthinkable news. Her boyfriend, whom she was preparing to marry, had died. She says she lived “like a figure” and saw “the present and the future disappear.” She later realized that he needed help because his mental health was at stake, and it was more than two years before he was discharged.
“As much as it’s all glued together, as much as things are tidy, we’re not the same person anymore. Because one day the phone rang, and we were told that the person we love the most in the world ceased to exist.”
In the new episode of the maze – Conversations on Mental Health series, which #FLAD launched in partnership with the Observador,the television host talks about how she deals with grief, and the impact on her life of this unpredictable event.
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