The new program OpenArt – Concurso para a Itinerância da Coleção FLAD will open FLAD’s private collection to museums, municipal or private, and art centers in Portugal that wish to promote, in partnership with FLAD, an exhibition of works from its contemporary art collection. Applications are open until July 31.

FLAD has followed a path of investing in artistic development and culture in Portugal, with the creation of several initiatives such as scholarships for artistic residencies in the US, awards to distinguish artistic excellence, and courses for artistic development, among others.

An important part of this bet is the opening of the Foundation’s contemporary art collection, which this initiative aims to further. OpenArt – Concurso para a Itinerância da Coleção FLAD is a program that will allow a substantive part of FLAD’s contemporary art collection to be made available to Portuguese museums and art centers, at their own proposal.

FLAD will also guarantee a substantial part of the costs associated with this process, such as insurance for the works and transport costs, so that national, municipal or private museums and art centers in Portugal can organize initiatives that contribute to the production and dissemination of knowledge and cultural offerings.

FLAD’s contemporary art collection contains over 1000 works of art by Portuguese artists. Since 1986, it has comprised a unique collection of works representative of contemporary Portuguese art produced in the 1980s, 1990s, and early 21st century.

Who can apply?

National, municipal or private museums and art centers in Portugal can apply.

Does it cost anything?

The loan of works from the FLAD Collection is free of charge and on a temporary basis.

What is required to apply?

  • The exhibition space should have a minimum of 500m2 and a minimum linear space of 150m;
  • The space must be clear during assembly and exhibition;
  • The proponent must ensure the existence or invitation of a local curator who will accompany and participate in the entire exhibition process in direct collaboration with the curator designated by FLAD for the conception of the exhibition and selection of the works;
  • The existence or establishment of an arts and cultural education service. FLAD, in collaboration with the institution, selected offers to help set up this service and a program of activities;
  • Availability of the selected museum/arts center to program conferences, lessons or workshops in the framework of the exhibition in question;
  • The exhibition will have to start during the year 2024.

Costs and Financing

FLAD undertakes to take responsibility for:

  • Transfer of the artworks for the exhibition;
  • Transportation of the artworks to the exhibition space and to FLAD;
  • Insurance of the artworks for transportation, mounting, dismounting, and exhibition period;
  • FLAD trustees’ fees, travel and accommodation;
  • Fees for the parallel program of conferences and workshops;
  • Communication (in collaboration with the museum/arts center).

It is the responsibility of the selected Museum/Arts Center:

  • Setting up the exhibition;
  • Surveillance of the exhibition room(s);
  • Fees relating to the local trustee;
  • Local advertising.


The application must be submitted on the appropriate form, available through the online application system; ( and must include the documents listed below:

  • Presentation of the museum/arts center;
  • Exhibition design (maximum 5 pages);
  • Schedule;
  • Blueprints of the proposed space;
  • CV of the local curator.


Submission of proposals: May 8 to July 31, 2023

Results: By September 15, 2023


An internal jury will evaluate the proposals. The final decision on the space is subject to the evaluation of the plants and the visit and consequent approval by the curators appointed by FLAD.

For more information about the competition and the responsibilities of each entity, we advise you to read the notice (NOTICE OPENART 2024).

If clarification or additional information is required, please contact