* The 2nd phase of applications for FLAD’s Science Award Atlantic is now closed.

Candidates who were selected in the 1st phase can now complete their application for the largest research award focused on the Atlantic in Portugal, extended to Social Sciences and Humanities. See down below how to apply for the 2nd phase.

What’s our goal?

Studying the Atlantic is fundamental to understand very diverse and multidisciplinary areas with an impact on the sustainability of our planet and our quality of life, from the interaction between oceans, the atmosphere and space, to climate change, natural phenomena and sustainability.

In the context of the strong commitment to Science and Technology that characterizes FLAD, it is important that this research can develop practical results, such as the creation of strategies, engineering and technologies, that facilitate our understanding and sustainable exploration of Atlantic ecosystems.

FLAD wants to support and distinguish researchers starting their careers, thus promoting the promising new generation of researchers we have in Portugal, in close collaboration with the main research centers in the US.

Key research areas for the 2021 edition

The 2nd edition of the FLAD Science Award Atlantic includes the areas of engineering and natural sciences of the previous edition, and adds the social sciences and humanities – Economics, Management, Sociology and Geography – as areas of study, with the aim of creating and developing transversal tools and strategic solutions to the challenges of human activity in the Atlantic.

  • The future impact of climate change on coastal human populations in the Atlantic region with the design of adaptation and mitigation actions;
  • Assess the value of the Atlantic in natural assets and ecosystems, in particular in its contribution to the Blue Economy, using advanced economic analyses and big data;
  • Technologies to make oceans healthy and clean;
  • Sustainable mobility and logistics, in the context of growing digital transformation;
  • Environmental and energy transition strategies for islands and isolated areas;
  • New approaches in planning, monitoring and management of the Atlantic area: low-cost satellite systems, advanced sensing systems, artificial intelligence or data science;
  • Production of new technologies such as underwater robotics, unmanned shipping, acoustic communications, sensors and data analysis.


The award has a maximum value of 300.000 euros for a maximum of 3 years, which corresponds to 100.000/year.


The evaluation is made by a jury of excellence composed of three elements:


Candidates selected for the 2nd phase of FLAD’s Science Award Atlantic will have between April 1st and 30th, 2021, to complete their application. A final interview can also be anticipated.

Documents to include:

We advise you to read the notice of this open call (Notice – FLAD Science Award Atlantic), where you can find all the details about the award.

The winning candidate will be selected on May 31st, 2021.

If you have questions about the award or the application process, please email fatima.fonseca@flad.pt.

Follow us through this website and our social media to stay briefed about the selection process.

The future is in the Atlantic!

Why should you apply and how can FLAD's Science Award Atlantic change your professional life?

Rui Seabra, researcher at CIBIO-InBIO from the University of Porto and winner of the 1st edition of FLAD's Science Award Atlantic, explains the benefits of this award and the application process.