Despite the current situation, open calls will remain active and FLAD will be flexible if the situation demands the postponement or cancellation of any program, always safeguarding grantees.

We are experiencing an exceptional situation that requires exceptional measures to ensure and preserve the health and well-being of all. The situation is one of uncertainty and the Luso-American Development Foundation is not immune to the moment in which we live in.

FLAD developed a contingency plan, in accordance with the guidelines given by the Directorate-General for Health, and has taken the appropriate measures.

These include the possibility of remote work for employees, whenever their work allows it and/or the health conditions of each one so requires. We are also in contact with our fellow grantees to provide assistance and remain available for clarification if any questions arise.

The situation, of course, affects our activities, but we will do everything to play our part, confident that we will overcome this difficult situation, and use this time to prepare for the period that follows.

In this sense, we believe it is important to provide some clarifications to those who follow us.

Support for FLAD grantees

FLAD currently has active open calls to support researchers who wish to present papers in the United States (Papers@USA) and for U.S. speakers who want to present their work in Portugal (USA@PT).

In view of the uncertainty surrounding the current situation, and the measures already put in place by the U.S. administration that limits the travel of European citizens to U.S. territory, some of this support may fall through.

The open calls will remain active and FLAD will be flexible if the situation determines a postponement of the departure of our grant recipients or the cancellation of the program altogether. This evaluation will be done on a case-by-case basis and according to the current state of events, safeguarding the grantees.

FLAD remains in contact with the recipients who have already received support for events that are yet to take place. The evaluation of these cases will respect the same guidelines.

Other supports

FLAD supports several initiatives, from music, art, cinema, and promotion of the Portuguese-American communities, through support to the scientific community and academic development in the USA, as well as the promotion of the Portuguese language and culture in the United States.

In these cases, and always in strict compliance with the guidelines of the health authorities, the Foundation will also make a case-by-case assessment of the support given. The foreseen activities and open calls will remain open, with their implementation depending on how the situation evolves.

Study in Portugal Network students

FLAD, through its Study in Portugal Network (SiPN), supports a number of American students who are in Portugal under this program.

The students were informed by the program managers of the current state of events regarding the epidemiological situation in Portugal and of the restrictive measures put in place by the authorities.

Students were informed that program managers stand ready to provide any assistance it is deemed necessary, which applies not only to cases where the situation requires students to return to the United States, but also to those who continue the program in Portugal.


We are available to provide further clarification.
Those who wish to contact us can do so by emailing us at or by phone on +351 213 935 800.