José Pedro Monteiro is the professor and researcher selected to teach in the Spring semester of 2021 at Brown University.

In a process with high-quality candidates, and in which graduate students of Brown University had a say, José Pedro Monteiro was chosen to teach a subject on the history of Portuguese late colonialism in the Department of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies at Brown University one of the most renowned universities in the United States.

The professor at the Centro de Estudos Sociais da Universidade de Coimbra has developed his research around the history of Portuguese late colonialism and forced labor policies in the Portuguese colonial empire after 1945. At Brown University, Prof. José Pedro Monteiro will present his work on Global Decolonization in Africa and Asia: The Portuguese Case in a Comparative Perspective all ready for the Spring semester of 2021.

“What I looked for in the subject I prepared was precisely to address the Portuguese case, not from an autarkic isolated perspective, but rather putting into dialogue the history of Portuguese late colonialism and its decolonization in dialogue with other cases, other European colonial experiences on the African and Asian continents.”

The researcher uses this comparative perspective to understand the social, political, economic, labor dynamics, but also the issues of citizenship and culture, in an approach that analyzes the prolonged effects of the decolonization process on contemporary society.

“All these processes, which are based on unequal and hierarchical relations with African and Asian societies, are now fundamental to see a number of challenges that contemporary societies face, particularly with regard to inclusion and inequalities, among others.”

José Pedro Monteiro praises the opportunity to teach at Brown University, but also to have access to new resources that will allow and help the development of his work.

“Being able to teach at Brown University, one of the most reputed universities in the United States is an opportunity for me at various levels, whether as a teaching experience or as a possibility to access research and bibliographic resources.”

Many congratulations and best wishes!

See you soon!

Note: José Pedro Monteiro was originally selected to teach at Brown in the Fall of 2020. Due to the restrictions imposed to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, his lecture was postponed to the Spring semester of 2021.