This week the program America Vinte Vinte of TSF / Radio News – which has the support of FLAD – has the participation of journalist and author Isabel Lucas, who talks about books and life in America, and Ricardo Evangelista, analyst at ActivTrades, about the American economy.

The author of Viagem ao Sonho Americano is a profound connoisseur of America, its literature and its history, but above all of the territory and its people. In conversation with journalist Ricardo Alexandre, Isabel Lucas takes us on a journey what makes America, America.

Ricardo Evangelista analyzes the largest weapon in the U.S. arsenal, the world’s largest economy, at a time when much is at stake due to the pandemic and when competition for first place in the world hierarchy is threatened by China.

If you want to listen to this episode, you can do so on the TSF website (here) or search for ‘America Vinte Vinte’ wherever you listen to your podcasts.

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