In this week’s edition of the Observador Newsletter – To the White House, journalist João Almeida Dias dives into the history of the presidential transitions, which this year is being disputed in an unprecedented way, to explain its importance and the consequences of delays, and speaks with Rosa Rebimbas, State Senator of Connecticut .

The transfer of portfolios between ministers and heads of government is a normal and natural process in democracy. In the United States, the transition for the new administration is a formal and subject to media attention like no other country.

This is because the federal government also has a larger dimension than in other democracies, and the implications of delays have greater consequences. Proof of this is the report on the failures that led to the September 11 attacks, which underlines delays in the transition from Bill Clinton’s administration to George W. Bush, due to the dispute over who won the 2000 election, as one of the causes for the intelligence.

In the United States, thousands of new administration employees enter federal departments during the transition period to know what is in progress and plan the work, so that on January 20, everything is 100%.

The newsletter also includes an interview with Portuguese-American State Senator Rosa Rebimbas, who talks about the election dispute between Donald Trump and Joe Biden and explains the Republican point of view from the community’s point of view.

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