What is a swing-state and how important are these states in U.S. presidential elections? This is what we’re going to find out in this week’s ‘Special American Elections’ newsletter.

The states where one truly wins and loses elections in the USA are the so-called swing-states. States in which there is no strong tradition of voting in the Democratic or Republican party. That’s why the elections are decided here. Presidential candidates know this, and that is why about 75% of the campaign money is channelled into these states. The swing-states range from the traditional Rust Belt,the U.S. industrial belt, with Pennsylvania, Michigan and Ohio, butalso in rural areas such as Wisconsion and Iowa. There are also states that, for demographic reasons, are increasingly swing: Arizona and Colorado (by the increase in the Latin population) and North Carolina (for the growth of the African-American community). Then we have more isolated cases like New Hampshire and Florida.

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